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Cameron Adams's Video

Roberts' Rules Of Orgasm

Roberts' Rules Of Orgasm, Scene #01

It's been far too long since we've seen our first stud, Cameron Adams. Cameron is 24 and currently lives in Los Angeles. California is the common denominator as we also welcome back sexy Dylan Roberts. Dylan is 21 and from Northern California. Getting reacquainted with these two, we asked them if they had 5 minutes to talk to anyone in the world who they would talk to. “Hmmm” was the unison response. lol “Does God count?” asks Cameron. He seems to have a few questions up his sleeve for the Guy in the Sky. Dylan wouldn't mind asking God a few questions himself; but more practically would pick his Grandfather that passed away before he was born. We then asked if they've ever been caught “handling” their business. “Never!” gasps Dylan who apparently learned how to lock a door. Cameron admits he's been busted a couple times by his roommate jackin off in front of the big screen TV. We then wondered what their favorite thing to do in bed. “Eat ass” is Cameron's favorite even if he's bottoming. “I love cuddling” confesses Dylan almost apologetically. Awww. Team Dylan all the way! lol —On that note…Dylan is sitting back on his workout bench and playing with his rock hard cock through his jeans. Cameron comes in and finds him rubbing himself. “We need to get going we're going to be late” Cameron says before realizing Dylan's not going anywhere til he takes care of his morning wood. They strip as they tumble onto the couch. Dylan has Cameron's rock hard cock down his throat in seconds as he starts to work that dick. Cameron can only gasp as Dylan devours his raging boner. Dylan is hungry for that cock but he can't be the only one having fun. Cameron gets up and kneels before Dylan so he can return the favor. Dylan's uncut cock is aching as Cameron wraps his lips around it. Cameron has no trouble deep throating that dick making Dylan moan and groan in disbelief. You can't learn that disappearing trick in just any magic book. Cameron then picks Dylan's legs up to get at what he really wants—that ass. He licks that hot ass like a lollipop. Dylan's eyes roll as Cameron eats that ass shoving his tongue deep inside.“You wanna fuck it?” teases Dylan as Cameron suits up and gets ready to ride. He slides his thick cock deep into Dylan's smooth hole. He's fucking him missionary and as he does, we get an amazing view of Cameron's ass. He leans forward and makes out with Dylan as he continues to give him the fuck he's needed. Cameron's smooth balls are slapping away on Dylan's ass as they continue their fuck session. Then its time to change it up as Dylan suits up and lies back on the couch. Cameron's gonna get some of that dick after all as he straddles Dylan and sits right down on it. Cameron's tight ass is making Dylan nuts as he starts to slam his dick up into that hot hole. “Fuck up into me” Cameron begs as Dylan obliges. Dylan's cock is hitting Cameron in all the right places—but wait, there's more. Dylan then gets Cam on his back as he starts to fuck him missionary. Dylan can't believe how hot that ass feels on his dick. He picks up the pace literally fucking the cum out of Cameron. Dylan is next as he too unloads sending his own troops splattering all over cum-covered Cameron.

  • released : 02-18-2011 |

Ball Of The Wilde

Ball Of The Wilde, Scene #01

This week, we're keeping things a 'little' wilde, as a certain California native joins us. Christian Wilde is back to give us more of what we love him for. It's ironic that we'd dare use 'little' and 'Wilde' in the same sentence; being that there isn't anything 'little' about this stunning 6'3 blue eyed dream who hails from a certain City by the Bay. Christian was featured on our Brother site ExtraBigDicks.com last week after a 2 year hiatus. It more than reassured everyone that at 20 and already packing a thick 8' cock, a now inked Christian has grown up to be the kind of man you need 2 hands to handle. 'All hands on Dick!' His friend, also from the West Coast, is 23 years old and hails from Orange County. He goes by the name of Cameron Adams. Cameron is single and loves to mingle. Christian, on the other hand, left a bunch of 'fuck friends' back home of both persuasions. He likes the best of both worlds and considers himself 'Hetero-flexible'. You gotta love that! We asked these two what the best blow job they'd ever had and who had given it to them. Cameron admits it would have to be his ex, who's the only guy to ever get him off by blowjob. Christian, of course, one ups Cameron as he blurts out 'Mine was from a drunk chick. Who my best friend kinda told her she should give me head...and she did' —Enough said! lol The End.Cameron & Christian break the ice by kissing softly and allowing their tongues to get much better acquainted. Christian's shirt is off as Cameron's tongue starts to explore those hairy nipples just below his ink that runs across his chest and boldly declares, 'Stand in the Sunlight'. We definitely don't see a reason why we'd want to hide this hung hottie. Neither does Cameron, who by now has discovered new territory for his tongue to roam. His mouth works up and down on Christian's rock hard cock as his tongue dances around its shaft and knob. Christian just lies back and watches as his new buddy goes to work, deep throating as much of his delicious meat as he can. Christian then wants to have a go himself, as he puts Cameron on the couch and peels off his underwear. Cameron's meat is already rock hard, receiving the tongue bath it deserves. Christian sucks his cock like a pro as he bobs up and down on it and then has Cameron stand up so he can get better access to it. An overhead shot gives us the outrageous view Cam has of Christian going to town on that thick dick while looking up at him with those sexy blue eyes.Cameron then goes back down on Christian's thick 8' cock, unable to get more, and wanting to get it as hard as he can before he takes it in the ass. Once Christian is rock hard, Cameron straddles him and lowers his tight ass down onto Christian's waiting meat. His ass slowly gives way as he starts to take that thick dick. Soon, Cameron is riding that dick like a true cowboy as he grinds and bucks back onto that dick, driving Christian into a frenzy. Christian then gets Cameron up and bends him over so he can continue fucking him doggie style. Christian holds Cameron in place as he holds that tight little waist of his, as he slams away at that hungry hole. The sound of Christian's heavy balls slapping away at Cameron's ass fill the room. Cameron is in heaven as he gets that sweet hole stretched wide. Christian isn't stopping as he continues his anal assault. An aerial shot gives us a better idea of all that Christian's giving him as we see his thick cock working its way deep inside and back out again. Christian then puts Cameron on his back and starts pounding it in even deeper. Cameron won't be able to take this much longer, with Christian's thick meat working his prostate. Sure enough, Cameron blows, shooting his load all over his tensing abs. Christian isn't far behind as he pulls out and explodes all over Cameron, drenching him from his face down to his cum covered cock. DAMN!

  • released : 03-05-2010 |