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Brandon's Video

The Crowd Pleaser

The Crowd Pleaser, Scene #01

Brandon doesnít look innocent and damn, he sure as hell isnít. Heís one bad ass dude with a big attitude and an ever bigger dick!Thereís a fearless confidence in that deep voice that can only come from having perfectly rounded smooth pecs, killer arms, etched abs and of course, nine thick, rock hard inches easily as fat as flashlight! No drawn out strip tease here, Brandon is as anxious to show off that incredible torso as we were to see it. His boxers didnít stay on for long either as he unveils a thick dangling piece of meat that is easily as big sift as some of the erections weíve seen and even then, heís still , most definitely, a grower!The ink on his arm dances as he flexes those sculpted arms with a hydraulic grip on that mighty meat until he rapid fires some of thickest ropes of cum weíve ever seen until that flat stomach is stamped with a triple scoop of bad boy juice.

Starring Brandon
  • released : 11-27-2004 |