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Brad's Video

Thanks For Cumming

Thanks For Cumming, Scene #01

We had the equipment packed, the suitcases zipped and were just about to leave the apartment we rented in California when Brad knocked at the door. This 6'3', 175-pound serving of straight man has smoldering good looks, an easy but very sexy manner, and two of the most kissable, soft, pouty lips we have seen in quite some time. With the solid frame of a stud who was blessed by the most desirable end of the gene pool, one knowing gaze from those big brown eyes, and it seems like you are looking at Dean Cain's naughtier little brother. But the bulge that is packed into those jeans says our Brad also qualifies to be called a Man of Steel. While unwrapping the package is half the fun, in less then 30 seconds, Brad has his shirt off, his pants open and that 7' at full mast and pointing toward the ceiling. Brad is soon lost in a Zen-like nonchalance, as if jacking off in front of us was the most natural thing in the world.His hand clings to his cock and steadily strokes that shaft with slow purposeful strokes: Brad is clearly in no hurry, and seems like he is a guy enjoying his favorite hobby and happy to have us along for the ride. As beautiful as his cock is, his balls are nothing short of spectacular. Rather than the two orbs of a mere mortal, each one of Brad's over-sized nuts seems like a planet in its own right with a low hanging sack to keep them in a parallel universe. From the moans of pleasure from those succulent lips, to the occasional wink from those piercing eyes, it is difficult to tell who is having a better time, him doing the deed or us watching: we decide to call it a draw! The vein on the underside of that shaft becomes deeply pronounced as Brad spreads his thighs to allow those bloated balls the room to make their journey up as the precum begins to stream from the tip. Still as relaxed and composed as ever, his dick adds a good inch-plus as he begins to use his own juice for lube and polishes his knob until the head is gleaming. With one hand stretched out to keep him for sliding off the couch, he begins fisting double-time until a thick, white frothy load covers his hand, his shaft, and then begins to form a puddle on his dense, dark bush. Fee for changing our return reservations, $200, two rooms in the airport hotel for the night, $363.50, the charge to film one additional handsome, hung, horny breeder before we left the west coast: Priceless! See you next week!

Starring Brad
  • released : 03-09-2007 |

Gym Dandy

Gym Dandy, Scene #01

We knew 23-year-old Brad was a stock broker in training by day, but even in his dress shirt and grey flannels we could tell there was the lean, well-worked body of an athlete underneath. Even in his baggy work pants - the way the fabric flowed in two perfect arcs on the back - we could only image just how perfect those glutes would be and from the bulge in front, clearly Brad was packing some hidden assets that were multiplying even as we watched. As he unbuttoned his shirt and that flawless, butterscotch-colored skin came into view, it wasn't like he was getting undressed so much as he was unwrapping a piece of candy - and we definitely had a sudden sweet tooth!Naturally broad shoulders and an imposing set of pumped arms flank a chest that epic poems should be written about. Two finely honed slabs join together for a perfect valley in the center of his chest, while two hard nipples encased in a single ring of black hair dot the landscape before heading down over a set of abs so tight and chiseled, they are like a treasure map of muscle with the real holy grail popping open the buttons of his boxer briefs. Hauling that meat right out of the leg of his pants, he could not wait one more second to give that dick the attention it was craving.With every muscle at attention, he looked like an amateur boxer rubbing off a load right before a fight. Standing up, we could sense his excitement at being so hard and naked in front of a camera. His cock was swollen to the maximum, yet his nuts were hard and tight and his hands even enjoyed a little touchy feely right in the center of those perfect glutes. He works that cock like a man on a mission. You can tell by the look on his face that he is his riding the crest of sensations so powerful that, much as he would like to prolong them, the need to seed wins out, and he squeezes his out in a round of cream filling that lands between his pecs and drips down those abs. Apparently no one told Brad not to play with his food, because that white stuff gets rubbed into his chest before he gives it a good long taste while staring into the camera with a look that still makes us tingle.

Starring Brad
  • released : 05-10-2003 |