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Bobby Rail's Video

Taking It On The Chin

Taking It On The Chin, Scene #01

The sun always shines brighter when we have our very own Golden Boy, Bobby Rail in the house. Yes, we have our local 24 year old hottie back to give us more of what this blonde stud with the surfer locks brings to the table. Today Bobby brought along more than just his delicious self; he brought along a friend—a hot one! Krys Perez is joining our “collection”. Originally from Austin, TX, Krys is 21 years old. Krys is a sexy hottie with looks that scream “trouble”. We like! They both agree they wouldn't mind learning a second language; and both think Spanish would be their choice. We then asked these two if they could have 2 front row tickets to any concert, what concert would it be and whom would they bring with. Bobby would want to go see Peter Frampton with his Mom. Awwww. Krys follows suit and says he'd like to get tickets to a Cher concert and take along his grandmother. Makes sense, Cher and his Gram are probably about the same age. We digress. We wondered what sexual act these studs felt they were best at. They both affirm their best talents lie in the oral department. As far as which sexual act they prefer receiving, Bobby likes getting head. When it comes to Krys, he said it best as he grinned and announced, “I just like to FUCK!”…Enough said.Bobby is working out at home getting that bod of his in peak condition. He strips his tank off and starts to admire the results. As he lays back to do another rep, Krys walks in and offers some help. Krys slowly starts to rub his dick which seems like it too could use a work out. Bobby is definitely game as Krys undoes his jeans and pulls out his cock through the fly of his boxers. Bobby takes to that growing cock like a calf and nurses on Krys' cock til he's rock hard. Krys bites his lower lip as he revels in the new sensation. Bobby swallows every inch of it with ease as Krys runs his fingers through Bobby's locks. Bobby then gets up and pushes Krys back onto the couch where he helps him out of his jeans. They start kissing and soon Bobby finds his way south to work on Krys' boner some more. Krys' head is in a whirl as Bobby services his throbbing cock. Krys pulls him off his cock so he can kiss Bobby some more before having him stand up. He undoes Bobby's shorts and gets some cock of his very own. He takes Bobby's thick cock in his mouth and gets to work. Bobby just groans as he sees this sexy stud on his knees, sucking cock looking up at him with those bedroom eyes.Krys sucks Bobby's meat till he's ready for more. 'Let's see that ass' he grins as Bobby bends over. Krys spreads his smooth cheeks before diving in tongue first. Bobby goes wild as Krys tongue fucks that hot ass he'll soon be fucking. Krys licks that hole and teases it with his fingers. Bobby is rock hard in anticipation. He can't wait to give that ass up. He won't have to wait long as Krys stands into position. That hot ass is more than ready as it immediately gives way. Krys' thick cock slides in deep and starts to pound away at that spectacular ass. He fucks him doggy till he gets that hole used to his meat. He then gets Bobby on his back so he can slide back inside missionary. Bobby strokes his aching cock as he watches Krys fuck him deep. Krys slowly buries his cock inside as he gets the attention his thick cock needed. Krys isn't done though and he has one more thing he wants to try. He pulls out and sits back on the couch so that Bobby can ride him. Bobby impales himself on that cock again unable to get enough of that dick. He rides it hard getting them both closer and closer to climax. They then sit back side by side and jack off, exploding massive loads all over themselves.

  • released : 08-27-2010 |

Riding On Rails

Riding On Rails, Scene #01

Bobby Rail is back this week and he's looking better than ever. His hair's getting longer and frankly there isn't a look this bad boy can't rock. For those unfamiliar with this sexy Florida native, Bobby is 24 years old and comes to us from West Palm Beach. We also have another familiar face for you this week. Chicago's own Ryan Middleton, now 19 years old, is also back for more. Bobby is still with the same girl he was with last time we had him here. In fact, that 'special' girl is a few blocks away from our studios on the beach. She's waiting for her man to finish. That's one understanding girlfriend. Ryan doesn't have a special lady in his life (other than his Mom.) Awwww. They both have future travel plans and both have New York in their sights as well as the West Coast. They're both adventurous and we asked them where they would want to have sex that they haven't yet. Bobby wants to be able to fuck on a rooftop. 'It would have to be a really tall building' Ryan one ups that scenario and says he wants to be able to fuck on a roller coaster. Hmmm. Now there's a visual and a possible 'Just in—Breaking Story' once they discovered where the two crazy kids eventually land. lol Well, we're not sure when Ryan will get a chance to ride that ride; but today Bobby will prove to be a hotter and more exciting ride than any rollercoaster. …ALL ABOARD!Ryan is sitting on his laptop surfing for porn and getting a chubby while Bobby is asleep on the couch. Idle hands are the devil's playground and soon his cock isn't enough. He walks over to Bobby and lets his hands do some exploring on his cock instead. He rubs Bobby's cock till it starts to wake up. Bobby isn't far behind, waking up a bit startled but not against the idea entirely. Bobby takes off his shirt as they start to kiss. They help each other out of their shirts as their hands start to roam their muscular bodies. Once their pants come off, Bobby gets Ryan's boner out and goes to work on his woody. Ryan sighs as Bobby takes his hard cock deep in his throat. He swirls his tongue around the throbbing shaft as Ryan's hand helps guide him up and down. Ryan stands up to give Bobby better access to his meat. Bobby kneels before him as Ryan starts to face fuck him. Bobby then gets up and drops his briefs and watches as Ryan returns the favor. He sucks that thick cock into his mouth and does his best to accommodate every inch of it. Bobby groans as he finally gets some attention on that aching cock of his. Ryan's only getting started and there's more in store for Bobby.Ryan gets Bobby on all four so he can explore that sweet ass he'll soon own. He spreads those smooth cheeks apart and teases that tight ass with his fingers. He slips his digits in and makes Bobby that much hornier for the fucking that's coming. Ryan then sits back and watches as Bobby sits down on his thick cock. Riding that meat in a reverse cowgirl; Bobby starts to ride faster as his ass gets used to its intruder. He then swings around and rides it facing Ryan so he can watch his face as he takes that hole. The chemistry between these two is on fire and soon Ryan has Bobby bent over the couch. Ryan slams his cock back inside that hot ass. 'Take my dick' he grunts 'take all of it!' Bobby just groans as he begs for more. Ryan rams that dick hard and deep. Ryan isn't playing around and he is fucking Bobby's hot ass with everything he's got. Bobby is bent over and taking every deep thrust like a champ as he gets his ass railed. Ryan's balls slap away at that ass and soon these two are ready to explode. They sit back, side by side, and jerk their loads all over their furry happy trails. Whew. Damn that was some hot fuckin'.

  • released : 08-13-2010 |

Last Train to Clark-ville

Last Train to Clark-ville, Scene #01

Bobby Rail is back in the house this week. We're always glad to have this hunky blond from West Palm Beach with us. Bobby has quite the fan following. At 24, this laid back hottie is single and loving it. Also back with us is a Midwestern favorite we've had the pleasure of working with before, Mr. Clark Chase. Clark is 21 and originally from Minnesota. He's a recent transplant to south Florida and has been down here for about 6 months. Clark hasn't got a steady girl down here, but judging from the grin on his face we're guessing he has plenty of options. We asked these boys if they could have any procedure to better their appearance what would it be? They both want some kind of hair removal. Interesting. We then asked them if they had an inner super hero, what would their super hero be called. Bobby grinned and said his inner super hero would be called “Boner Boy”. We're guessing he would be a rather smooth Boner boy. Clark went with “Silent Knight”. Feel free to run with that one. To wrap up our chat, we asked them what was new and interesting that they discovered in 2009, that they never thought they would never enjoy. Bobby blurts out “Anal sex”. WOW—that might've been an over share. Clark answers he now really loves the Reverse Cowgirl position. Hmmm, that being said, we think we know where these two can best use their newfound loves. Saddle up, Bobby Rail; you're in for one hell of a ride. Yee—haw!Clark is watching porn and stroking his fat cock when Bobby walks in on him and catches him spankin' the monkey. Clark covers up as Bobby sits on the couch and coyly asks, “What you got there?” Clark blushes as Bobby pulls away his cushion to reveal his boner. Bobby reaches over and starts to stroke his cock before going in for a kiss. They start to make out as Bobby pushes Clark's jeans south and starts to lick his chest as he makes his way down to that swollen cock that's aching for attention. Clark sighs as Bobby takes his cock deep. He swirls his tongue around his head before sucking his cock all the way down to the hilt. Bobby is making love to that dick with his mouth as he totally licks and sucks on it. Bobby then gets up and strips as his own aching meat is released. They stand and make out as their rock hard cocks rub together. Bobby slips south one last time to get that cock nice and wet before they take it to the next level. Bobby knows exactly what to do and Clark's cock is ready to go in no time.Clark suits up and sits back as Bobby turns around and sits right down on his dick in a—you guessed it—Reverse Cowgirl position. Who knew? Bobby slowly impales himself on that dick and is soon riding that cock with ease. Bobby then gets up and gets bent over the couch as Clark slides his thick dick back in for more. Bobby's sweet ass is getting stretched wide and he's loving every minute of it. His face tells us just how much he's loving the dick Clark's giving him. They then take the fun to the couch as Clark lies down behind Bobby; lifts Bobby's leg, and slides in for more. He fucks Bobby on his side for a while as we see Clark's once heavy balls slapping away at that smooth hole. Those nuts are pulling up closer and closer, and soon he won't be able to contain his load. Bobby bucks back, wanting to get as much of that thick dick deep inside him. Bobby's hungry hole is only adding to the mix and will soon have both of these hotties ready to blow. They both sit back side by side as they stroke their fat cocks off to completion. Clark is the first one to blow, sending his first shot firing over his shoulder and the rest of his thick cargo pools all over his navel. Bobby is next as he blows his thick load straight up as it splashes back down all over his cum soaked cock. Mmmmm.

  • released : 02-19-2010 |

Nailing The Rail

Nailing The Rail, Scene #01

Two fresh faces join us this week as we bring you even more goodies for the Holidays. Bobby Rail is 24 and originally from West Palm Beach, FL. This blond hottie with the sun-kissed tan loves it here in Florida. His ideal Saturday night would involve lots of Techno, strobe lights, and a club where he can dance. Bobby likes to party. Today he'll be partying with an Arizona import by the name of Danny Brooks. Danny is also 24 and loves living out in the desert. He hasn't had as good an impression of Florida since it's been rainy the last few days. Well, his forecast calls for hot weather ahead. Danny is more of a home body and admits his ideal Saturday night would involve a relaxing evening at home. These two couldn't be further apart on the interests scale. Fortunately, we know that opposites attract. They are both sexual and Bobby admits he started suckin cock at about 12. Danny got his start a few years later at 15. They both like to jack off and both prefer using their imagination vs. porn or mags. We asked if there was something they've been fantasizing about that has yet to happen in real life. Bobby drew a blank; but Danny grinned and said he wants two dudes in him. A little DP never hurt no body (…watching). lol Today, Bobby is going to bottom for the first time ever on cam; so he can at least check that off his fantasy “to do” list.They start kissing as their hands roam free. Danny peels off Bobby's tee as his hands and tongue begin to explore his sexy chest. His tongue dances on his chest covered in a light coat of fur. Bobby then takes Danny's tee off exposing his naturally smooth frame. Danny's shorts come off and then Bobby loses his jeans. Now that Bobby is in the buff there's nothing stopping Danny from getting a better look at that meat of his. He goes down on Bobby's cock that is quickly awakening and growing by the second. Danny slowly sucks on Bobby's hard cock and it isn't long before Bobby wants to return the favor. Danny loses his briefs and sits back giving Bobby access to his boner. Bobby gets down between his legs grabs his aching meat and starts to slowly savor every delicious inch Danny has to offer. Danny then goes back down on Bobby as they exchange blow jobs. Danny slowly sucks on Bobby's cock that is now aching for attention. As we watch Danny go down on Bobby, we get an amazing shot of his smooth ass as he's bent over face first into Bobby's meat. Danny's cock is rock hard and will soon need a lot more than oral to satisfy it.Danny sits back on the couch with his rock hard cock pointing out the big dipper while Bobby starts to ease his hot ass down onto it. He's slowly getting comfortable to his anal invader as his ass starts to slowly give way. Soon Bobby is riding Danny's cock slowly as he gets used to its girth. He arches back and holds still as Danny starts to pump his dick up into him. Soon Danny's holding Bobby's beefy ass as he bounces it up and down on his rock hard cock. By now, the pain has turned to pleasure as Bobby stands up so that Danny can fuck him easier. Danny slides his cock back in, and as we get a shot from below, we watch as his cock impales Bobby's hot ass as his low hangers slowly slap that sweet ass. Bobby gyrates his hot ass back up onto Danny's cock, reveling in the moment. They then move to the couch where Danny slides his meat back inside Bobby in a missionary position. The over the shoulder shot is intense as we watch Danny slowly, methodically pump Bobby's hungry ass. The look on sexy Bobby's face says it all as he is getting fucked closer and closer to orgasm. Bobby's stroking his fat dick in time to every thrusts Danny's giving him. That ultimately does the trick as they lie side by side and stroke off until they explode each sending their thick and creamy cargo all over themselves. Damn. —Ya gotta love that.

  • released : 12-18-2009 |