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Bobby Clark's Video

Double Standard

Double Standard, Scene #01

This week, we brought together two of our str8 alumni to have a session together. Mario was one of our original stable studs who helped launch CircleJerkBoys, and he's back to give us a refresher. Mario, now 25, is a Miami native. He gets hotter and hotter every time we see him. Mario is outgoing and gets himself into all sorts of trouble. Recently, he was in Antigua on a business trip, where he ended up hooking up with a girl he met at the bar next to where he was staying. He had noticed this girl at a strip club the night before. Lucky for Mario, she was with a friend, and they all ended up going home together. What he wanted was a 3-some, but her friend hooked up at the last minute, leaving Mario with the hottest one all for himself. Mario is up for anything, and he's in good company. Bobby Clark, the 23 year old Wake board Instructor from the West coast of Florida, is a horn dog himself. Recently, Bobby got the chance to hook up with a girl he always sees out at the clubs while tailgating at a UCF Championship Game. Luckily, she was alone without her cock-blocking friends; so he invited her over to tail gate with him and his buds. The game started, and the parking lot began to empty out, leaving them unsupervised. One thing led to the other, and he ended up scoring in the open bed of his truck! Both of these players have what it takes to score and today we get to watch how these two service their 'equipment' between games. Ready, set …Hut!!Side by side, they begin groping their cocks inside their pants. Bobby's the first to lose his shirt as he gets comfortable. Mario quickly follows suit, taking off his shirt and tank. Soon, they're both at their feet, pants undone and stroking their growing cocks. Mario leans back on the couch as Bobby lies down. They are both in their underwear at this point as they watch a flick. Mario acts like he's shakin Bobby's hand and playfully tries to put it on his own throbbing boner! “Whoa, Whoa —that's not my date!” Bobby laughs. Mario is quite the prankster. He slips off his underwear and sits down to work his throbbing boner, is thick shaft finally getting the attention it needs. Bobby stands up and drops his briefs as his rock hard cock springs free. Bobby's body is defined and practically hairless. From here, they stand side by side as they continue stroking their swollen cocks. The camaraderie between these two is infectious. Mario turns around and shakes his money maker. His perfectly smooth ass is a sight to behold, and apparently hard to resist as well, as Bobby playfully slaps Mario's ass. Mario laughs as they both begin a small game of slap ass like giddy junior high school jocks. This must be what goes on in locker rooms unbeknownst to the rest of us.They both bend over on the couch and stroke their cocks with their asses on display. They both have impressive bums, and the view is remarkable. Like an all you can eat buffet! From there, they take turns stroking their cocks, Mario stroking his thick Colombian pole as All American Bobby strokes his frat fuck stick. You'd think these two went way back as they sit and make comments about the flick they're stroking to, inches away from each other. Bobby's smooth balls are pulling tighter as he strokes his cock and lightly teases his hole. Just behind him on the couch, Mario jerks his cock and begins to pick up the pace. Mario's heavy nuts dance in tune with the motion above. Watching these two straight boys jerk off side by side is quite the experience as they joke around with one another. But the fun can't last forever. They get closer and closer to blasting their loads. They both kneel in front of each other and go for it. Mario is the first one to nut. He moans as he unloads, spilling his wad on the rug below. It forms a thick puddle underneath him. Bobby isn't far behind as he begins to breathe heavier and soon unloads. His cock shoots his load in thick ropes that splatter on the same lucky rug. The camera pans up as you see these two defined studs, spent and laughing like they've just had the time of their lives. Ya gotta love it! It's always great to find str8 boys comfortable enough with who they are and willing to do what we want.

  • released : 04-11-2008 |

Dicky Dearest

Dicky Dearest, Scene #01

Bobby is Back! The adorable 23 year old wakeboard instructor on Florida's west coast has returned to give us another show! Bobby was first on CircleJerkBoys a couple months ago. It wasn't long before we started getting fan mail wanting more of this blue-eyed, sun-kissed hottie. “Fun, Sun and Rum” is still his motto, and working on the water has kept him way too busy for anything serious other than the occasional booty call. He has long distance girlfriends back home in Seattle who have no idea they aren't exclusive. Bobby says he likes blondes “They gotta be blonde!” he laughs. He likes girls who are outgoing and straight forward. He doesn't like girls who say they're “single” but they're actually talking to like 5 guys! They need to be honest about what they're up to! Double standard aside, we're guessing the Florida girls just aren't as naive as the ones he left behind on the farm. Since we last saw him, he had a wild group session with 4 guys and a girl. They all got drunk as Bobby took the lead and orchestrated the bedroom scene that followed resulting in a hot group orgy! I guess our little Bobby Clark isn't as innocent as he looks! —Oh Goody!Bobby is ready to roll as his hand immediately dives into his growing crotch. Biting his lip, he looks right at you in a seductive stare that makes you wish you were in the room instead of just watching. He sighs softly as he plays with his cock. His pants are the first to go as he loses them seconds before he loses his sexy boxer briefs. His perfect ass comes into view as he slides them off. He sits back on the chair and begins to stroke his cock, which is already aching for attention. His sexy low hangers are heavy, with several days of backed up load he can't wait to unload. He stands up and bends over to give us a better view of his ass as he strokes his cock underhand. Everywhere you look, you see nothing but his smooth sun kissed skin. His crotch is also kept buzzed short, and his balls are naturally hairless. He kneels on the bed as he starts piston-fucking his palm with his fully erect cock. His mouth opens as his head falls back in ecstasy as he pleasures his meat. He fucks into the air, giving us an idea of what he'd look like were he behind you giving you his straight cock doggie style on a beach near you. This boy knows just how to tease!Flipping over, he sits back to continue stroking his swollen cock. The views from below are amazing as you see his smooth balls slowly tighten as they approach pay dirt. Bobby lays his head back as he continues beating his meat as he teases his sweet nips. He looks right at you as he strokes off. He goes from seated to leaning on the couch, and gives us new views of all he has to offer. He slaps his rock hard 7” cock up against his taught abs, teasing you with what he could give you. His sexy smooth thighs showcase the action as his balls bounce in tune to his cock slapping. He's getting closer, so he returns to the couch to blow his wad all over a very lucky cushion. He begins to moan, and his breathing deepens as his stroking increases. His face contorts as he bites his sexy lip, and you know it'll only be a matter of seconds before he blows! He definitely had been storing up a load for us because when he shoots—it explodes all over the cushion! His first thick jet splashes the far end of it almost two feet away. The rest of his creamy cargo coats the rest of it. Whew! I guess we should've known the “Revolver” graphic on his sexy tee would've clued us in on what was to cum. Bad Boy Bobby was packin' a cum gun!

Starring Bobby Clark
  • released : 03-07-2008 |

No if's and's or BUTT's!

No if's and's or BUTT's!, Scene #01

“At 5'11, 23 yr old Bobby Clark is the All-American poster boy. Dirty blond hair, dreamy blue eyes, killer smile, rockin' bod, and the sun kissed face might make you think he's one of those model types on his way to another Hollister shoot. Looks can be misleading. Bobby, originally from Washington, is actually a wakeboarding instructor in Orlando, FL. This lucky stud gets paid to run around in board shorts, work on his tan and get plenty of “play” on and off the clock! “Fun, Sun and Rum!”, he says, are the reasons he relocated to Florida. We bet! Bobby lost his cherry at 17 during class in a small town outside Seattle. After the class spent time in the barn learning about cattle in Agriculture Class; Bobby and his first lingered behind and found that the 'Birds and the Bees' were way more interesting! Bobby was a late bloomer, and he admits he's not as sexual as his friends. He loves the chase; it's the build up to the actual sex that gets him going. He laughs as he says he is “single-ish”, and that even with a few girls he considers fuck buddies, he likes to consider himself “Picky”. “I like to wait for the right one to come along; court it for a couple of hours; then take it home —and fuck it!” P to the L to the A ,Y …AHH —Boy you're a PLAYAH!This hot surfer stud wastes no time and immediately loses his shirt. His pecs are well defined, and the definition doesn't end there. The abs are next as the camera slowly pans down, following Bobby's fingertips as he runs them from his armpit, down around his pecs, across his abs, down his lats, and then dives into his crotch as he traces the natural V that disappears into his tight jeans. He pops open his pants and turns around to give us a better view of his backside. His bubble butt is perfectly smooth, and you can see the sexy tan lines that come from being on the water all day. He lays back and strokes his cock, which by now is at full throb. His sheer briefs hug his meat as he strokes and teases it. Bobby's cock is aching, and it's time to give it the attention it deserves. His cock is freed, and in no time, it's bobbing up and down on its own. His smooth balls and muscular thighs set the backdrop for the cock on display. …and what a display it is!He stands and begins to stroke his swollen cock. Perfectly straight with a short cropped patch of fuzz; his thick 7” cock dances at his touch. He works his knob with one hand and tugs at his smooth balls with the other. A hot view from below gives you a great view of his “ass-ets” as he continues jerking his meat. It gets better! He then goes face down on the couch and begins to hump away. His rock hard cock and balls are pushed back, and you can see what he's packin as his ass rises and falls! He looks right at you as he softly bites his lip. Makes you wish you were between him and that lucky couch! Grrrr This ride definitely looks better than any wakeboard we've ever seen! Bobby then flips over and starts stroking his cock to release. His balls pull tight as you hear this hottie start moaning, signaling the impending fireworks. Several “Oh Yes!”s and a lot of heavy breathing come together to produce a huge blast! His first huge volley explodes into the air and lands everywhere, coating his chest and abs with cream. The rest of his load coats his navel. Whew! Seems like Bobby was a little backed up! Lucky for us, we were around to help out! Who knows, we may need to make ourselves available if he finds himself in “similar straights”.

Starring Bobby Clark
  • released : 02-01-2008 |