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  • Updated : 01-03-2004 |
  • Length : 00:00 min |
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  • Views : 194
Starring Blake

One look in his eyes, I knew this was one bad boy staring back at me. A glance at the size of tent in his shorts, which were visibly throbbing when I opened the door, I knew Blake would be a treat for the camera. This little hottie went on to deliver a performance that even gave me a lump in our throats - and my jeans too. He is the first guy I've filmed that so horny by nature, he had his hand down his pants and started working his bone even during the interview! There something that is such a turn on to see a straight guy finger his hole - but even hotter when there is an 8 pole dancing on his abs while he does it.His load is just wicked and oversized as the rest of him and judging by the finger full he licks off afterwards, it was a tasty one too!