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Baby Boy's Video

The Second Cumming

The Second Cumming, Scene #01

We add a new model every Saturday & by Sunday, it's not uncommon for the mailbox to be full of requests for more from the new guy. Baby Boy's first segment launched an avalanche of appreciative comments on this very hot, very cute and very horny 19 year old.Took a few months to get him, back but damn, was it worth it. That already flat stomach has been carved into a six-pack, the biceps are bigger, his pecs are firmer and that dick is as hard as ever. That round tight ass is looking even better and he's much less shy about giving it the camera time it deserves! And if it was possible, that twinkle in his eye as he talks about his latest bedroom adventures makes that already adorable face into the things wet dreams are made of.He told me that knowing a lot of people watched him really turned him on and from the size of the load he blasts this time, he left this session with his over-active balls completely out of ammunition!

Starring Baby Boy
  • released : 12-13-2003 |

Straight Jack It

Straight Jack It, Scene #01

19 and sexy as hell, he got his nickname because his skin is as smooth as baby's bottom. And while I am on the subject, when he lowered his boxers, he puts on puts on display some of creamiest tasty cakes I've ever seen!He has the face of an angel, the body of a jock and the definitely the mind of devil. He just loves sex! That smile on his face all through his bio made me think “Bad Boy” is a more fitting name for this hottie.Just like the song, “Bad Boys - Whatcha gonna do when cum for you?” The answer proved to be grabbing the whole roll of paper towels because he covers those abs and pecs with a load that is definitely man sized to a symphony of moans and groans that still me hard!

Starring Baby Boy
  • released : 09-27-2003 |