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Apollo's Video

Dance Trance

Dance Trance, Scene #01

From the moment we first met Apollo, every glance from his dark seductive eyes said “I will send you to places no one ever has” with such sexual authority, you do not doubt his ability to make good on that claim for even a nanosecond. Just perhaps he's under-reporting the expansive skill set at his disposal to deliver your total delight. It is difficult to even begin to define a physique this fine with a word or two with the reality of so many perfectly honed planes of muscle assembled in perfect symmetry on a 6'3” frame of agility and drenched with a burning sexuality just beginning to explore the topic at hand. We last saw him when he stopped in to celebrate Yuletide with Aiden and today is another holiday: Apollo's 25th birthday. We commissioned a piece of music a little snappier than “Happy Birthday” for him to shake that money maker to and the name “Porn Stroke” gives you a good idea of the present he unwraps.The clothing begins to fly off that body in movement, revealing a soul for sin that, like his crotch, is bursting at the seams. Apollo is lost in a zone of endless movement that is as graceful as it is sexual. Still with his tight shorts packed to the breaking point, the sheer thrusting power of perhaps the world's most perfect ass moving to the beat of the music propels you to do some beating of your own. Then he turns around. The eyebrow arched, the tongue out and beckoning, and the oil sliding down that olive skin reminds you that the view on the front is a sheer essay on the primal male.Crawling on the floor, his penis like a sleeping giant ready for display, Apollo builds the anticipation to a crescendo when at last, bending, twitching, and twisting his body, he presents that rock hard cock from every possible angle. Those balls so swollen, that shaft thicker than we have ever seen it before, the flaring head leaking steadily in the center of that glistening six pack, he looks straight into the camera with fist over fist on that perfect pole. We trip the light fantastic as several ropes of extra thick cream gyrate from the tip, overflow his grip and puddle down onto the floor below, blowing out his birthday candle in a style we can definitely get accustomed to!

Starring Apollo
  • released : 03-25-2006 |

Ho, Ho, Hoe

Ho, Ho, Hoe, Scene #01

It was in the summer when an 18 year old straight guy named Aiden first walked through our doors and it was the Holiday gift you has always wanted, teen idol handsome, a strong lean body, a personality just draws you in and an 8”, extra thick, always hard cock with a never ending supply of precum dripping from that perfect helmet head. It seemed like the perfect time to repay the favor and give Aiden the gift of his choice. To our shock, and definitely your delight, his choice turned out to be a private encounter with Apollo. Apollo is another breeder, this one with the body of a Greek statue, the hormones of entire football. We raided the treasury and stocked the bar and hoped for the best. What we got was not just Aiden's fantasy, but a very special triple load of hetero spunk for this very special CircleJerkBoys' Holiday Jack-Strava-Ganza!While it might started out and good way to make some extra cash, it wasn't long before Apollo was definitely in the spirit of the season of giving as he was giving that long wet tongue of his deep into Aiden's mouth. Apparently years of opening bras with one hand had Apollo in good practice as was able to single handedly undo Aiden's belt, reach inside those tight white briefs and haul out Aiden's fat 8” cock, already poking well above his navel and drooling juice down that tight belly. Before long, without breaking a lip lock as tight as we have ever seen, Apollo rolls over onto op Aiden, that magnificent ass and bull balls looking so perfect, so delectable; they are begging for your tongue as he and Aiden grind their cocks together with such friction, we're surprised they didn't start a fire.There was a gasp in the room as we saw Aiden's knees start to cradle around Apollo's hips and Apollo licked straight down from Aiden's neck, across his nips, over his abs, down to his balls then to the tip of his cock before swallow that big bloated beauty as Aiden's eye rolled back in his head. Apollo then stood up and straddled Aiden's face and got his pole smoked right down to the base of those short and curlies. Guess what folks, we're just getting started, as you will see inside, the name CircleJerkBoys' Holiday Jack-Strava-Ganza if far from simply an honorary title. From all of us at CircleJerkBoys.com, have a wonderful, safe, sexy and a Happy Holiday!

Starring Aiden Lane, Apollo
  • released : 01-21-2006 |

King Of Hards

King Of Hards, Scene #01

This 6'3” slab of rippling muscle is just so damn hot, it almost hurts to look at him without turning into a mass of quivering jelly that wants to do nothing more then lick every inch of this smoldering Adonis, starting with that face that belongs on top of a marble statue, over those hard nipples, across those massive pecs and down to a set of abs that can cause traffic to stop. More then just etched, this six-pack is carved from pure lean muscle and flanked by a set of angel wings from obloquies that could have only come from heaven. His shoulders are broad and back flares wide in a “v” shape to wide, it almost seems exaggerated but some how balances out over an ass so tight and round and firm with a sexy dark trail of hair that disappears....we only wish he was taking us with him to forbidden voyage to that man's land! In the center, seven perfectly formed inches of love meat that are rock hard and dripping from jump street hanging under a clipped bush and single line of fur right down the center.He doesn't just look into the camera, he seems to invite you in, winking, smiling and flashing with delight that pieced tongue before slapping his cock against those solid abs with a symphony loud “thwacks” that echoed like the sounds of war drums before rolling over, and fucking the mattress, that perfect ass breathing with each thrust until even Apollo could hold back no more and treated up all to a birds eye view of Mount Eruptus!

Starring Apollo
  • released : 10-15-2005 |