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Antonio's Video

Cumming Out On Top

Cumming Out On Top, Scene #01

Antonio was a sensation from the minute we put his pictures up about a year or so ago. He has naturalness in front of the camera that is so seldom seen, especially when this bundles with a face this handsome, a body this ripped, an 8” uncut bonanza of a cock that never goes down, and a sexuality that leaps from every pore. The TinMan is another guy we have known for a while. His square jaw, “fuck me” eyes and I will try anything once attitude lead him to mess around with a 3 way jerk with his buddies, then tasting the dick of Dirty Harry. About the same time, Antonio got his pipes cleaned by CJB's resident stud Anthony in one of the dirtiest encounters we have ever filmed. The one thing we have not witnessed yet is Antonio serving up that big club of a cock rather than just being on the receiving end and today is the day that changes. Antonio has that Latin heat you would expect from a college jock on a soccer scholarship and Tinman, who has just gotten hornier and hornier as status changed from expectant father to new dad was up for anything. First with a soft tender kiss; slowly massaging each others' tongue and then pulling gently on each others' lips. For a couple of pussy loving straight guys, these two have come a long way and by the end of this, will have gone even farther!Tinman takes his time licking Antonio from face down to nipples down to abs down to inhaling Antonio's cock in his mouth. The words of “suck that dick!” are spoken from Antonio's mouth commanding him to do his job. However Antonio is no newbie any longer. Stripping off Tinman's clothes, they transition to the bed to continue the show! Antonio climbs on top of Tinman, kissing him, rubbing their cocks together and then a quick swing around to get into a 69 position. They are both as rock hard as we have ever seen them and Tinman dresses Antonio's eight incher up in latex, he says “Oh Boy” with an appropriate amount of reverence mixed with fear: he knows how big that meat is, he knows where it is going and with the glove on, he knows just what the rather inexperienced back side of his is about to filled with.Tinman's ass is perched and waiting to be fed and for the first time ever, we see Antonio's big meat inch by inch disappear with a slow steady push. Tinman's face turned crimson red as he bit his lip and tired to keep a stiff upper lip and take it like a man, from a man. As Antonio does push ups over him, his slow steady motions allow us the perfect view of that big thick piece of man meat doing a disappearing act inside his buddy's hole. Liking how it feels, Tinman takes the lead getting on top for a ride. By the expression alone on Antonio's face, you can tell he is enjoying the heat coming from his hole! A new yoga position is created as the guys work their way over to a standing doggie position, where we get to see Tinman pump his ass against Missionary in the final position claimed by these guys. Antonio continues to pound Tinman's ass dick to dick, then they fire loads all over each other as one good blast sure deserves another!

Starring Antonio
  • released : 09-15-2006 |

Time OUT!

Time OUT!, Scene #01

appy as we were to hear from Antonio again, the rest of you were just as glad and with every right to be: seeing our favorite varsity college stud return to “our” campus, even leaner, just as horny and more muscled than before was more than worth the wait. From the size of that load, with the ropes of jizz packing the velocity that literally propelled the cum over the top of the cameras. Antonio displayed just how happy he was to be back in a way we are still cleaning off the far wall of the studio. Since one good “home cumming” deserves another; another one of our favorites; too long absent from the cameras, was none other than Rex. Like his soon to be playmate, Rex was leaner and more muscled than the last time we saw him in “Four Handed Jizz,” where he did not take part in much of the action and seemed to have missed out. Despite his signature chant of “girls, girls, girls,” the bulge in his pants showed that 8” ultra fat club of a cock was ready to slip into something warm and Antonio's hot hole was a target he could not take his eye off of.Antonio wasted no time in getting Rex out of his clothes, praising every pumped body part as he uncovered it. Antonio begins sucking on Rex and despite the size of Rex's cock; he was hungry for even more. Moving Rex against the wall, getting on his knees in a position of worship, he began to spread those untouched perfect glutes of Rex's and swirl his tongue into the formerly “no-man's” land of that tight hole. While that was the sight we never thought we would see… Rex yelling, “eat that fucking ass!” were words we never expected to hear. Spreading Rex's legs a bit for even deeper licks, we get to see every nook and cranny of Rex's ass while his cock throbs so hard just from being eaten out. It was as if we were there, sharing in the exact moment he discovered his hole was not just decorative. Rex uses the resident CJB vibrator to open Antonio up. Despite the pounding he taken from Anthony before, a cock as fat as Rex's required all the available preparation leading to the moment Antonio climbs on for a ride on Rex's cock, spreading his cheeks to show us that while not on the football team, he's learned to be a wide receiver. Rex plays with his own balls while getting the ride of his life. Rex turns Antonio over into doggie style position and begins fucking him hard then turned and slid it in deep. Rex pulls out his dick and begins to double fist, pumping it until he shoots all over Antonio as Antonio finished up with his own 21 gun salute: the opening salvo landing on his cheek and the rest shooting up over his shoulder.

Starring Antonio
  • released : 07-21-2006 |

The Campus Cassanova

The Campus Cassanova, Scene #01

More handsome, more ripped, just as hung as even hornier, all hail the Home Cumming King back to CircleJerkBoys.com, the one and only Antonio! Returning to our sheets after his first semester at college, we welcomed Antonio back like the conquering hero is he: anyone who had their ass pounded by the military man himself, Anthony, and lived to tell about, has earned the title and then some. The only thing that has decreased in length is his hair and his % of body fat has gone from slim to almost none - being up at the crack of dawn to work out with the varsity team would do that and this is one student's body all of the student body would be dying to get a piece of. The ass of this man simply takes your breath away and the 8.5” uncut salami would turn the most ardent vegan into a carnivore!Giving his glutes a spank like any guy this naughty guy deserves, he shimmies out of briefs, bends over and flashes us an insider tour of that tight hairy hole before rubbing those rock hard abs until that fat cock dances in anticipation. Standing up, he flexes those muscles, his triceps like hammers and his biceps like baseballs, as his cock flops and throbs without ever a touch from his fingers. Watching as those balls bounce up and down as he still fists his meat with a passion and force of a man lost in the pleasure of his body, it is almost too much to take when he spreads his legs wide and works his pole from behind, offering for that the most perfect view of a perfect man; we can see the sexual lust in his eyes, the width of his shoulders, the triumph of butt, the girth of that shaft and the length of his pole in single image that your mind will etch into your permanent archive of what a stud in his prime of his sexuality should look like.With the moans of a man on the edge, Antonio's deep breathing as speaks louder than words to let us know he is riding the crest of the sensations in a battle of self control and endurance. He actually stops and seems to massage the thick vein on the underside to force the cum back into his balls, before leaning back on his hands and with that cock jutting so far ahead of his body, he looks like the lunar module with its antennae up just before coming in a for a landing. The groans got louder, the stroking got faster and Antonio reached critical mass with such force, the first three jets of long pent sperm actually flew right over the head of the camera man. Will Antonio be back? You bet! And oh yes…he brought a friend too!

Starring Antonio
  • released : 07-14-2006 |

Playing Pokeyman

Playing Pokeyman, Scene #01

During his last visit, Antonio told us he was ready to push the limits of his wild side and to help him achieve that sexual Nirvana, we could think of no one better that of favorite, just back Iraq soldier Anthony. Antonio got his limits pushed all right...along with his cherry, by the business end of eight, fat, hungry inches of marine meat. Antonio may have licked a dick before, but after Anthony grabbed him by the hair and fed him every inch of that leaking bone, he learned how to deep throat with an on the spot, cock sucking boot camp.His tonsils soon joined his virginity on the souvenir stand in short order. When we heard our soldier yell his famous ”Awww Fuck Yes!” we looked down to see Antonio's nose buried in Anthony's short and curlies and when the marine's meaty, muscular hand made his way down his new sex slave's lean back, playing the drums with those lily white ass cheeks, he let us all know just what he had in mind. This Marine has a knack of getting what he wants.Soon Antonio's hole was quaking with lube covered fingers paving the way for Johnny to cum marching home again. In the longest CircleJerkBoys episode ever, this isn't about passion; this is about how one straight guy will use another guys' hole to get off when he's horny enough. Antonio doesn't just get his fudge packed for the first time, he gets it gift wrapped and shoots a load all over his abs, pecs and face only to be trumped by a mammoth artillery blast from one throbbing weapon long overdo to fire. When it was all over, even the camera needed a cigarette after this one!

Starring Antonio, Anthony
  • released : 08-26-2005 |