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Antonio's Video

Confidentially Yours

Confidentially Yours, Scene #01

When our two conquering heroes, Antonio from the soccer field and Anthony from the battlefield, return for a clash of the titans that has been two years in the making, you know it is going to be a no-holes-barred-fuck-fest where the rubber meets the road paved inside the private wet dream of a breeder's jock hole. Antonio was back in town for spring break and scored a big goal in Speedy's tight, hairy hole, but it has been a agonizingly long year since we last saw Anthony's eight-inch cock, bubble butt, and muscled body here! The founding member of our All-Star Team, Anthony remains the undisputed king to this day: something Anthony knows first hand. It was a couple of years ago that Antonio decided he was ready to test the boundaries of his sexuality, so we enlisted Anthony who pushed Antonio's limits by pushing that battering ram of a cock up Anthony's hole without mercy in what became one of the hottest, raunchiest and most downloaded episodes ever. That encounter proved to be as unforgettable for them as it is for us, and as you are about to see, lightning really does strike twice as the electricity of seeing each other again is apparent from the moment they walk in the room.A reach inside Anthony's shirt, and Antonio learns that those pecs are just as round and powerful as ever, and Anthony wasted no time in getting Antonio out of his shirt and onto his knees. From the first contact of Antonio's lips, Anthony's cock goes from half hard to performing a stiff salute. Anthony just lays back and allows Antonio's hungry mouth to worship his cock. The vacuum pressure alone seems to makes Anthony's cock extend out an inch further than we have ever seen it before. Grabbing Antonio's long locks like a handle to guide that hot mouth exactly where he wants it, Anthony picks up the speed until he is giving Antonio a solid skull fucking, during which Antonio manages to work his way out of his boxers. With his cock and his ass in the air, it is clear they are both craving more fucking, but with a darker, tighter destination.Almost like a favorite dessert that's been two years in waiting, Antonio postpones the fucking to give Anthony a deep throating that results in the head of Anthony's cock becoming very well acquainted with every inch of the interior of Anthony's windpipe, until Anthony's other pipe centers on being reacquainted with the interior of Anthony's posterior. Flipping Antonio on his back, Anthony gloves up and proceeds to make a single focused, tactical assault on Antonio's now quivering hole. This war game of anal invaders moves to the chair, where Antonio grounds down to take every inch of that cock and gets a few slaps across his cheeks with a resounding thwap that echoes across the room, but fails to drown out the moans of carnal delight that fill the room. Antonio still on his back, and Anthony standing just in front of him, Antonio's stomach soon becomes the landing strip for a heroic white blitzkrieg of combined sperm.

Starring Antonio, Anthony
  • released : 06-22-2007 |

Teach Me

Teach Me, Scene #01

Antonio had just turned 21 when he was here for spring break last year. But this time around, he was back at CircleJerkBoys.com exactly on his 22nd birthday, and we arranged a celebration to make a day of it and pull out all of the stops—as well a new bottle of lube and a jumbo box of condoms. While Antonio's solos, with that hard, tight body honed from hours of soccer practice, that world-class bubble butt, and that fat eight-inch cock have become legendary, his unique ability to shoot a load farther than any guy we have ever filmed is nothing short of an orgasmic opportunity. We knew that after being pounded by Rex, Antonio wanted his turn on the business end of another straight guy, and we could not imagine a more fitting birthday present than that. Speedy is a pint-size player with a big mouth, a big attitude, a big cock, and a big need for cash. Initially, we were not sure just how far Speedy would be willing to go, but as it turns out, helping out our birthday boy blow out the candles was just his opening act.“I'm up for it” Antonio announces directly into the camera, though that fabric-stretching throbber in his jeans spoke even louder. Both Speedy and Antonio are out of their shirts almost instantly, and Antonio immediately opens his pants and starts rubbing that big dick as Speedy drapes one leg over Antonio's to show off a bulge just as hard, and from the outline, just as large. Antonio wastes no time fishing that thick, uncut eight-inch pole out of Speedy's pants before Speedy spots a target he likes better than Antonio's fist—his mouth. Antonio practically inhales Speedy's big meat right down to his hairy bush as Speedy grabs the back of Antonio's head and gives the birthday boy the skull fucking he is clearly craving. Before Antonio flips Speedy over the bed and rubs his throbbing dick up and down Speedy's very furry, round ass as a reminder the party games have ended…it is time to unwrap the presents and the condoms.Slowly working his finger in Speedy's hole while he rubs his cock up and down those cheeks, Antonio moves into position. Inch after inch, he gives Speedy a taste of what his girlfriend must have felt this morning when he was home giving her his eight inches. As Antonio finds his groove, as well as Speedy's prostate, it is impossible to tell which one of the guys is moaning louder. When Speedy yells out “fuck me” more than once, we are not sure who is more surprised: him, us or Antonio. But Antonio takes the call to heart and proceeds to give Speedy's hole a deep, slow drilling until his balls are rubbing against Speedy's cheeks and no doubt, doing an impromptu realignment of Speedy's lower-digestive tract. Speedy climbs on top of Antonio's cock, riding him to the upper crest of total bliss and gets off just in time for Antonio to get off and spew a load that hits him in the chin and continues on down in a white trail all the way to his pubes, while Speedy's spills his own nut all over Antonio's knee and calf. Now that he's had a piece of straight ass, Antonio is ready for a piece of cake, and we are ready for a cigarette!

Starring Antonio
  • released : 05-25-2007 |

Top Banana

Top Banana, Scene #01

From those geyser-like, over-the-shoulder semen explosions Antonio has sent barreling into the stratosphere from his debut here at CircleJerkBoys.com three years ago, to the sperm launch he did today, Antonio has cum a long way baby…literally! Three years of varsity soccer have honed his body. From those bulging pecs, to that washboard stomach, the world class ass, to that 8-inch, thickly curved, uncut tube of joy, he is a specimen that transforms your fantasy of a young stud in his prime into real life. Antonio has lived out some of his fantasies as well, and even better he did so on film here, like when Anthony the Marine went gonzo on that perfect bubble butt, or when he turned the tables and played top to the about-to-be-married Tinman's bottom. Fast forward to today and Antonio is not just looking better than ever, that massive bulge in his pants told us what we already knew…he is hornier then ever as well.Antonio does not have to dig deep into his jeans to reach his dick, he is so hard as he looks into the camera and proclaims, “I am so fucking horny” that the head of his cock is poking above the waistband. It could only be a cock that is not just as long as Antonio's, but one with that same wrist-like thickness that causes his crotch to be so packed, it looks downright painful. But not to worry guys, Antonio soon puts himself, and us out of harms way by unzipping and revealing the not-so-well-hidden prize under the scarlet red jock pouch: eight inches of very hungry dick that is more than ready to come out and play. Play is the operative word as our showman plays a little peek-a-boo, letting that pouch hang off his dick before squatting down spinning that mighty branch like a propeller in the breeze, then moving to the couch, bending over and treating us to a back view of his bountiful booty as he twists back and gives himself a much needed reach before moving to the couch and finding a position to stroke in a way that even after 300-plus episodes, we have never seen before.Hooking his legs over the back of the sofa and laying his head on the floor, Antonio begins stroking upside down, both of his ends now crimson red. His already big cock seems downright gigantic as it towers above his magnificent body like the crown of all things horny. Antonio stops working that meat only long enough to ask, “How badly do you want this in your mouth?” before making up for that little pause by stroking twice as fast and using both hands. Sitting back on his knees, his hips gyrate back and forth, forcing his cock into his fist with an urgent insistency of a man who needs to breed or die. Moving to the ottoman, we see that dark hole quiver and his upper lip tremble as old faithful erupts with a pent up blast that ultimately comes in for a landing well beyond camera range. This was just the first day of spring break, but not to fret guys, we have not seen the last of him yet!

Starring Antonio
  • released : 05-11-2007 |

Antonio's Soccer Balls

Antonio's Soccer Balls, Scene #01

Kicking around a soccer ball in the great outdoors can build up a sweat, as well as a hell of a boner on any guy. When the guy in particular is Antonio and the equipment is over-sized like his, even in its “off season” state, the combination is down right explosive for all parties concerned. We all know from his first appearance it does not take much to get Antonio horned-up, and with an 8-inch cock like this and a body honed to a graceful example of what a fine college athlete at his prime looks like, it seems impossible that he could get any hotter. But as we saw from his encore, he does. Did all the running on the field prepare that very fine, muscled butt for the fierce pounding Anthony gave him? Did all of those residual endorphins give him the drive to turn the tables and top the TinMan like a sex-starved convict? Antonio answers the question with his actions: he is just a horn dog with an appetite for constant release. Home from school, visiting us on a little break from academia, this time we did not just hear about his prowess on the soccer field, we get to witness his considerable skills and get invited along for a post workout cool down that will keep you warm all winter long. As if Antonio's chiseled body, glistening with sweat and gleaming under the sun, was not already a postcard from heaven, seeing him in his soccer uniform, kicking that ball around with precision footwork, sending it high in the air, catching it in the crook of his neck and keeping it in place while he does push-ups, sends his status as a prime stud into the stratosphere and will take your cock to new heights right along with it. He leaves the door open as he showers off, giving us a tour of a body that's leaner, harder and hotter than ever. By the time his shorts hit the floor, and mercifully it does not take long, we are reminded that as sexy as the wrapping is, the package inside is definitely championship material. That fat, thick, uncut 8-inch goal post is quickly at full-mast, swinging back-and-forth like a mighty pendulum under the steady stream of water as he steps in the shower. Working that pole, and himself, into a lather, he turns around and serves us another reminder: Antonio has one of the finest backfields in the league! Seems the warm water trickling on that hot hole had the same effect on Antonio as it did on us, because when he opens that towel after moving to the bedroom, that legendary slab of meat is throbbing hard. Following one more ass flash, done as much for his benefit as for ours, he flips around once more, whirling that cock around like a propeller blade, then settling back for the real exercise he has been dying for—working that meat! The expressions on his face and the moans from those full, pouty lips lay testament to the incredible sensations he is feeling as he works that cock with one hand, then the other, stopping to slap it against his belly, moving down to his swollen balls, then finally back to that now leaking head, peeking its way from the fold of skin. Hopping on the bed and humping against the mattress like the Energizer Bunny of sex that he is, with a last turn onto his back and a few final strokes, that legendary meat ushers out a legendary spurt that lands over his shoulder and leaves a trail all the way down that heaving chest. We cannot wait for him to cum home for spring break!

Starring Antonio
  • released : 01-05-2007 |
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