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Anthony's Video


USMCock, Scene #01

We celebrated Independence Day this year with ourfavorite marine, Anthony's, first appearance and we couldn't wait to get him back. Anyone as built, as hung, as verbal and as over-the-top sexually as he seemed like perfect guy to spend the long Labor Day weekend with. Still in his USMC work out wear, we caught with Anthony right after the gym. The blood must have left those considerable muscles and gone right to his cock as he wasn't just horned...he was a Marine on a mission to get his nut off in a big way. He didn't so much get naked and jack-off as ripped off his clothes, showed off ever magnificent inch of that incredible body that is even more buff then before.He let the camera get in very close, very deep between those steel ass cheeks that look like twin bowling balls made of white marble before climbing on top of the dresser and letting that thick eight inch pole rain down a stream of precum that was just a hint of the massive gusher he sent up high in the air and landed with a thud all over those pecs and abs.

Starring Anthony
  • released : 11-13-2004 |

Marine Meat

Marine Meat, Scene #01

anthony_tallImagine you marine fantasy: a body bursting with muscle, strong will, and overflowing with a commanding sexuality that that makes anything but submission impossible and you have Anthony, the Independence Day CircleJerkBoy.This 21 year old has the magical combination of a very handsome man's face with just enough of a twinkle in his eyes to let you know there's also a bad boy inside more then ready to show you the time of your life. With biceps and pecs so pumped they threatened to shred the fabric of his shirts, the lower half is even stronger with thighs just made for crushing around a neck and an ass like twin globes of steel floating in their own universe. Every recruit takes care of his rifle and if the face and body weren't enough already, eight rock solid inches of Marine Meat gave him a basket to die for! Going commando, there was nothing between us and that fantastic cock. Those jeans came down, that dick was at attention and stayed that way! He worked that weapon front, back and sides and when he his finally let out a roar and fired off his round of artillery, we were the one waving the white flags of surrender!

Starring Anthony
  • released : 09-18-2004 |

The Double Header

The Double Header, Scene #01

Getting a couple of straight guys to drop trou and bone up in front of each other is easier said then done, but when it happens, like it did with Anthony & Travis, damn it's worth waiting for. Anthony is a tall horny Italian while Travis looks like that boy next door. We figured it would be a winning combination since they had a vital thing in common: twin cases of overactive hormones. The beer was cold, the porn the hot and once those clothes came off, we found something else they shared...a little curiosity. Travis's dick that was so hard, it pointed up at the ceiling almost from the minute he walked in the door. When he reached over & lubed that fat eight inch sausage of Anthony's until it throbbing & leaking like a faucet, every dick in the room was throbbing - including ours! Anthony wasn't too shy to return the favor and then some. When they both fired off their loads, it wasn't so much like a couple of cum shots as two rocket launches side by side. They both want to do another episode and we can't wait to see what happens next!

Starring Anthony
  • released : 02-07-2004 |
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