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Anthony's Video

Playing Pokeyman

Playing Pokeyman, Scene #01

During his last visit, Antonio told us he was ready to push the limits of his wild side and to help him achieve that sexual Nirvana, we could think of no one better that of favorite, just back Iraq soldier Anthony. Antonio got his limits pushed all right...along with his cherry, by the business end of eight, fat, hungry inches of marine meat. Antonio may have licked a dick before, but after Anthony grabbed him by the hair and fed him every inch of that leaking bone, he learned how to deep throat with an on the spot, cock sucking boot camp.His tonsils soon joined his virginity on the souvenir stand in short order. When we heard our soldier yell his famous ”Awww Fuck Yes!” we looked down to see Antonio's nose buried in Anthony's short and curlies and when the marine's meaty, muscular hand made his way down his new sex slave's lean back, playing the drums with those lily white ass cheeks, he let us all know just what he had in mind. This Marine has a knack of getting what he wants.Soon Antonio's hole was quaking with lube covered fingers paving the way for Johnny to cum marching home again. In the longest CircleJerkBoys episode ever, this isn't about passion; this is about how one straight guy will use another guys' hole to get off when he's horny enough. Antonio doesn't just get his fudge packed for the first time, he gets it gift wrapped and shoots a load all over his abs, pecs and face only to be trumped by a mammoth artillery blast from one throbbing weapon long overdo to fire. When it was all over, even the camera needed a cigarette after this one!

Starring Antonio, Anthony
  • released : 08-26-2005 |

Soldier Cums Home

Soldier Cums Home, Scene #01

We're always happy when our service man some home war but when we found out Anthony was back but that thick eight inch weapon of his was still combat ready and that his commanding sexuality was poised to shown off like never before, towering out like a steel pole from his now even leaner abs, rounder pecs and wider shoulders then before, we couldn't get him back in the studio fast enough.The ultimate exhibitionist, that incredible face, legendary cock and not just an ease in front of the camera, but a relish for it, Anthony was something special right during his audition, and followed it up by a trying ball busting perfomance but when he brought along his buddy Cody and demonstrated a maneuver we're sure he didn't learn in booth camp, even we were shocked!. Our favorite freaky Marine is back he is not afraid to let us know about that ass that he wants to smack and the hair he wants to pull with a verbal command that makes you wish it was your ass he is talking about.With a lick of his hand and a stare that would make you drop to your knees and open your mouth, the much more leaner and cut Anthony takes us on a tour of what we missed while he was doing his tour of duty. Imagining a girl just as freaky as him to spank his ass, Anthony was more than ready to spank his own ass and massage that hot white hole as well. As he strokes that dick to bust a long awaited nut, I must ask…You've heard of the blue plate special, but can you handle our black plate special?....”Awwww….Fuck Yea!”

Starring Anthony
  • released : 08-06-2005 |

Flight School

Flight School, Scene #01

The sperm-a-thon in Anthony's first episode after was only topped seeing his sweaty, buffed fresh from a work out body covered in an even bigger load of jizz in Anthony's Encore performance. Then of course, there was see that throbbing meaty 8 incher of Anthony's making a Rear Entry in 18 year-old Jordan's str8 cherry booty. At long last, in the bottom of the vault, we found the tape we thought we'd lost, Anthony's Audition tape. He was only 20 at the time and we met him at the airport and gave new meaning to term “lay-over.” Still baby faced and not quite as beefy back then, that body was already incredible with those pumped pecs, rounded biceps, meaty glutes and of course that throbbing pole was hard, ready and looked so sexy making a bulge in the crotch of his flight suit. He was a little nervous, looked a little baby faced even, but when that uniform fell to the ground, that now legendary dick was up, leaking a steady stream of pre and damn if it didn't seem to get even bigger as he washed it along with every nook and cranny in the shower as our camera rolled. But it was at end, when he sat on the counter and blew a massive load of breeder sperm all over his black military uniform boots that we found a whole new reason to support our troops! Sempher Fi!

Starring Anthony
  • released : 03-12-2005 |

Rear Entry

Rear Entry, Scene #01

Few guys I've ever photographed love the camera as much as Anthony does and even fewer have the camera love them back even more. The only thing hotter than the sperm-a-thon in Anthony's first appearance was seeing his sweaty, buffed, fresh from a work out, body covered in an even bigger load of jizz in Anthony's Encore performance. 18 year-old Jordan, as slim as Anthony is bulked up, really liked his stint in front of the camera and wanted to do another one.I remembered him telling me how much he loved having girls play with his ass, and knew, like any good marine, Anthony would fuck anything with a hole. I decided to roll the dice and see if enough beer, some new porn and the lure of some extra cash could make them go where no CircleJerkBoy has gone before! Jordan loves showing off his tight little ass cheeks and wasn't long before Anthony had that little show-off across his lap and giving him a solid spanking for being such a ham. Spanking led to a little fingering and before I knew it, that little 18 year-old found himself on all fours and about to pummeled with the business end of a eight solid inches of man muscle. Seeing a horny, hung, built Marine give a straight guy's ass a through fucking is hot as it gets. Jordan took it like a champ and from the size of the loads they both blow all over each other...they may have only done it for the money...but they both left with empty balls and big smiles!

Starring Jordan, Anthony
  • released : 12-04-2004 |