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Anthony's Video

Taking His Licks

Taking His Licks, Scene #01

We first met Cody two weeks ago and damn, if that handsome faced sexy Boston Boy didn't put on one fine show. Anthony is such an prime slice of beef that his legendary 8 inches has spewed it's load not just once, twice or three times, but and who could forget his special rear delivery with Jordan! For a horny, fuck anything with hole show off like Anthony, we paired him up with his good friend Cody and even for our all-star exhibitionist, get out the Kleenex boys and prepare to see this Marine do something he definitely didn't learn at boot camp and something I thought he'd never do.Being drinking buddies back from in high school and in college, they have run train together on more girl then Amtrack but we wondered what would happen when the female segment was removed from the equation. They were very comfortable getting naked in front of each other and soon those twin towers of dicks were rock hard and leaking and when they rubbed them together...the energy of all that precum slicking up two massive poles was almost enough to start a fire.I know Cody's cock head must have burning hot and damned if Anthony's survival skills didn't come into play as he knew a way to put out that fire that still has our jaws on the floor in disbelief. Cody emptied his nuts in a blast that went clear up to his pecs and just to make sure there wasn't any smoking embers, our Marine turned into fireman as the sweat poured down his forehead as he unleashed his hose all over his buddy chest, abs and still leaking cock with mammoth load proving a friend with seed is a friend indeed.

Starring Cody, Anthony
  • released : 01-01-2010 |

Top Chef

Top Chef, Scene #01

Making an unprecedented sixth solo appearance at CircleJerkBoys.com, Anthony has reached almost cult status. And as the founding Captain of the All-Star team, no one receives more fan mail than he does. It makes perfect sense: from top to bottom, and especially in between, Anthony is the living version of the straight guy you have always lusted after: handsome, smart, muscled, beefy, open, hung and oh yes, even a world-class booty on the flip side. It has been more than a year and a half since Anthony's pool side jack-a-thon elevated masturbation into an art form, and today he returns to cook up an even hotter encore. We have seen Anthony give Antonio the fucking of his life, we have seen him lead the pack in Four-Handed Jizz with Aiden, Sebastian and Rex and even saw him give Cody's cock a taste test, but today we have Anthony the way we like him best: all to ourselves.Those eyes shining, the smile beaming between those dimples, and his guns pumped and flaring, Anthony is the most edible dish in the kitchen. With that starched white cotton serving as the only barrier between us and that smooth chest with those bite size nipples that, like his cock, never seem to go down, Anthony sheds the apron and immediately gives us what we want: a view of that world-class, wet dream inspiring, ball churning backside. Inching down his back and exposing that succulent crack, Anthony gives his exposed cheeks a couple of slaps before mounting the counter, spreading wide, and showing off the main course: all eight, cut, thick inches of 100% prime choice breeder beef.Anthony gets on the floor on all fours and with an “I have a surprise for you” look that has launched a thousand loads, leaves us speechless as he reaches back and inches his finger where we have all wanted to go since we first saw those buns of steel—right up his hole. It takes one secure man to finger himself on camera, and the display leaves us wishing the camera did not require two hands to hold steady. Standing up, he continues to play hide and seek with his ass, with his cock ballooning up and leaking steadily as his sack contracts into a tight round ball of promise. Allowing the cool stainless steel of the fridge to provide yet a new sensation for a cock that we thought has felt it all, he finally turns around, grabs that leaking missile with one hand, a dish from the counter with another, and covers it with just the kind of signature thick, copious white load that has made him the legend he is with a Black Plate Special that you will want to eat every day. Bone appetite, guys!

Starring Anthony
  • released : 09-14-2007 |

Confidentially Yours

Confidentially Yours, Scene #01

When our two conquering heroes, Antonio from the soccer field and Anthony from the battlefield, return for a clash of the titans that has been two years in the making, you know it is going to be a no-holes-barred-fuck-fest where the rubber meets the road paved inside the private wet dream of a breeder's jock hole. Antonio was back in town for spring break and scored a big goal in Speedy's tight, hairy hole, but it has been a agonizingly long year since we last saw Anthony's eight-inch cock, bubble butt, and muscled body here! The founding member of our All-Star Team, Anthony remains the undisputed king to this day: something Anthony knows first hand. It was a couple of years ago that Antonio decided he was ready to test the boundaries of his sexuality, so we enlisted Anthony who pushed Antonio's limits by pushing that battering ram of a cock up Anthony's hole without mercy in what became one of the hottest, raunchiest and most downloaded episodes ever. That encounter proved to be as unforgettable for them as it is for us, and as you are about to see, lightning really does strike twice as the electricity of seeing each other again is apparent from the moment they walk in the room.A reach inside Anthony's shirt, and Antonio learns that those pecs are just as round and powerful as ever, and Anthony wasted no time in getting Antonio out of his shirt and onto his knees. From the first contact of Antonio's lips, Anthony's cock goes from half hard to performing a stiff salute. Anthony just lays back and allows Antonio's hungry mouth to worship his cock. The vacuum pressure alone seems to makes Anthony's cock extend out an inch further than we have ever seen it before. Grabbing Antonio's long locks like a handle to guide that hot mouth exactly where he wants it, Anthony picks up the speed until he is giving Antonio a solid skull fucking, during which Antonio manages to work his way out of his boxers. With his cock and his ass in the air, it is clear they are both craving more fucking, but with a darker, tighter destination.Almost like a favorite dessert that's been two years in waiting, Antonio postpones the fucking to give Anthony a deep throating that results in the head of Anthony's cock becoming very well acquainted with every inch of the interior of Anthony's windpipe, until Anthony's other pipe centers on being reacquainted with the interior of Anthony's posterior. Flipping Antonio on his back, Anthony gloves up and proceeds to make a single focused, tactical assault on Antonio's now quivering hole. This war game of anal invaders moves to the chair, where Antonio grounds down to take every inch of that cock and gets a few slaps across his cheeks with a resounding thwap that echoes across the room, but fails to drown out the moans of carnal delight that fill the room. Antonio still on his back, and Anthony standing just in front of him, Antonio's stomach soon becomes the landing strip for a heroic white blitzkrieg of combined sperm.

Starring Antonio, Anthony
  • released : 06-22-2007 |

Underwater Fantasy

Underwater Fantasy, Scene #01

Bathed in the sun's rays, showered in the reflection of the water of the pool, what could possibly still shine above Mother Nature other than the much requested return of CircleJerkBoys' favorite and horniest ex-marine, Anthony. Those pecs stretching his t-shirt, that bulge unmissable even from across the yard, sprawled out next to a statue of a Greek god, it's Anthony and his legendary body and wet-dream-inspiring 8 inches of always hard meat that inspire the worship this time. Seeing how much he enjoyed being back in front of the camera a few weeks ago in “Four Handed Jizz,” we wondered if his new found fondness for showing off what is arguably the most perfect straight ass in history was something that would show itself today and damn, did it ever.The sun beams off of his thick marine build as the water from the pool gives him a reflection that turns him on….himself. With a face that handsome, a physique that toned and a dick that hard, who can blame him! As he walks around to the other side of the pool, we couldn't take our eyes off his ass spilling out of the black straps of that jock like two orbs of perfection on display to behold. Removing the rest of his clothes and making history of that jock strap, he jumps in for a dip and emerges moist and wet. Raising himself out of the pool to show off his ass one more time, Anthony spreads his cheeks and gives us a glimpse of the hidden no-man's land that we have never seen before. Anthony swims across the pool to the stairs and begins working on unleashing his milk.Winking at the camera as he strokes, he reminds us that this man loves being watched and reaffirms all of the reasons we love watching him. In one sweeping motion, Anthony bends over, strokes his meat and then, in a move we never expected to see, he fingers his ass, showing us what he learned from his girlfriend. Can't help but wonder what else she might be teaching him – rest assured we'll dig deeper next time! We could tell by the swollen red nut sack that this session was soon cumming to a finish. Lying on a beach chair to make himself more comfortable, Anthony reaches climax and than hops in the shower for a rinse off, but we know there's no amount of water in the world that could wash the dirt out of this dirty boy and Anthony, we wouldn't have you any other way!

Starring Anthony
  • released : 04-22-2006 |
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