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5 Guys Named...

5 Guys Named..., Scene #01

“Where do we start?” we asked as we stare across a packed set “—With MY fat cock!” is the response we get from the infamous Matéo. Matéo is one of 5 locals bringing it today. Along for the ride are co-conspirators Angel and Marcus, two more 18yr olds who were all part of a hot 4 way a few months back. Also in on today's madness is 19yr old fan favorite, Jay. Jay has been featured in a 3way of his own and today they brought along some new meat by the name of Stone. Stone is excited to be here and he hasn't stopped touching his dick since he walked in. (that could be a good or bad thing.) Stone, also 19, fell into their outfit recently. He was fucking a girl in public under the rain when these boys rolled up and caught the show. They've been BFF's ever since. These guys are always up to something and the new thing is getting a girl to sleep with each of them without catching on that they're being played. After she's had them all they ask her who the best lay was. So far: Angel 1, Marcus 1, the rest are still trailing. It's odd that they would be doing one-on-one madness when group sex seems to be the theme with these guys. Where were friends like this when we went to high school? Matéo is an orgy waiting to happen. He recently was at a bud's barber shop after hours drinkin with his cousins when a 'whore' came in and got all tipsy. “H-O-R-E! That's your favorite word, Matéo!” our riveting reporter scoffs. “W”-H-O-R-E!...” they all chime in. “there's a “W”! Just our luck—they aren't the remedial batch after all. Matéo loves whores and apparently the whore then got all tipsy, was flashed Mateo's cock and it turned into an all out oral orgy when she ended up on her knees sucking off Matéo, his 2 cousins and the 3 barbers. By the time they were through with her, her hair was definitely “set”—eXtra firm hold. Watching an amateur flick, they all start stroking their cocks talking smack. They are talking smack because it seems the video they are watching is one they brought themselves. It's one they made themselves too. These boys film their escapades and use them afterwards. They all begin to strip and sit back in their boxers as they haul out their dicks and stroke to the film before them. Stone, the newbie, fits right in as he bones up along with his crew. They all sit around the desk and as they get better acquainted, the boxers begin to come off. Stone is oddly the first one to strip as he stands up against the wall. Yeah, we wouldn't leave our asses exposed to the likes of those horny fucks either. They did say they were gonna break him in. We think he is wise to take that extra precaution. Though that would've made for a great shoot! Inno time they are all boned up and stroking their fat pingas. They are remarkable comfortable with each other as these pussy loving buds stroke their own equipment inches from their buds. Again, where were these guys when we were in High school?! lol This new generation is just too hot.As the camera pans around the room, we see each of the sexy Latin studs stroking their meat. Some cut others au natural but all hard as a rock and needing to release some pent up leche. Lined up like sperm donors at a wayward bank, they sit stroking away without a care in the world. We can only imagine what those girls they pull trains on must think when this much dick is waved in their faces. Oddly we don't think they would know what to do with them. You really can' t send in a girl —to do a man's job. Sadly these boys may never know what that's like. (…we jest!) As they get closer to climax they decide to get in a circle jerk and single out the weakest cusion as their prey. Alone and surrounded, the little red cushion awaits the inevitable. These boys have been practicing shooting their loads as far as they can and this afternoon we may just get our first view of that. As they circle the wagons and stroke off, Matéo is the most focused as he races to be the first one to hit the target. The room is filled with the sounds of lubed dicks jackin' as they prepare for fireworks. Matéo is the first to explode sending his first batch way past his intended target and hitting a live one instead. Oops. (Sorry, Angel)The rest of his nut tags the cushion. Jay is second as his thick cream coats the far side of it, followed by Marcus that adds his cup of cream as well. Stone and Angel get back on the couch and stroke their loads off all over themselves as the cushion breathes a sigh of mixed emotions. (just go with it) Now that all these studs have blown their loads there is a weird silence in the room. Nap time perhaps? Well that's a wrap for this shoot. The boys are on their way home and we're left to figure out what to do with that cushion.

Starring Jay, Angel
  • released : 02-06-2009 |

Everybody Is Cumming!

Everybody Is Cumming!, Scene #01

Anyone in the mood for Cuban cuisine? This week we have much to be thankful for. Four sexy Cuban boys are here to stroke one off for us. These classmates are incredible. Angel Diablo is 18. He's sexy & has a trimmed hairy chest and bedroom brown eyes. His body is tight and defined and comes from Guantánamo Bay, Cuba. Matéo Grande, also 18, is firecracker of sexual energy. At 5'5, this Havana native is definitely the rowdiest in the bunch. He has a big mouth and an even bigger dick. He's not shy about it either and loves to whip it out in public. These two are “really” good friends with 2 other 18 yr. old Cuban boys we've already met, Mr. Marcus Guitaro and his swarthy cousin, Manny Alvarez. Marcus and Manny were last on our site when they did a double jerk off session together while they recapped tagging a close family friend together. They love doing things together—all sorts of things. They all laugh as they announce that they are only 4 out of the six that make up the elite “Gang Bang Squad” Marcus had a secret admirer that wanted him so bad she agreed to have sex with Marcus' friends in order to finally have him. “Sucia!” She had a list of conditions but no matter the terms, the guys were all in. (literally) Angel went first and hit it and Matéo went second. Matéo was hittin' it so hard that it woke up Angel's older brother who was asleep in the next room. He came out to investigate and to keep the peace they let him in on it. He jumped in right after Matéo. Marcus, the one she wanted finally got her fourth, followed by his cousin Manny bringing up the rear. There was one more willing participant but once he stormed into the room buck nekid and she got a look at his big black body builder frame she wigged. He was not on the guest list. After they were done with her, she had Marcus one more time all by himself. Where were these guys when we went to High School? —All Hail the Class of 2008!They begin groping their cocks through their clothes. Matéo's talking about some girls he jumped on buck naked when he was on a road trip and doing the usual talking horny boys do when they talk smack about their conquests. Angel's the first to slide off his shorts and the rest follow suit. In no time they are scattered around the room playing with their boners either inside their underwear or through their flies. It's hot watching these str8 boys talk about the girls they fuck. They talk about verbal girls and things some chicks have tried to make them do. Marcus wants to make dirty videos with him in them and the list of topics go on. Matéo and Marcus sit by each other up against the couch as they stroke their raging boners. They are making comments on the porn while Manny's throbbing uncut cock hovers overhead as he kneels on the couch. Angel is sitting back doing his own thing. It's those quiet ones you have to be careful with. Marcus and Matéo are talking up a storm while the other two are more reserved and focused on the task at hand. Angel's hairy nut sack bounces up and down with every quick stroke he gives his hard cock. Matéo's meaty dick has a set of smooth low hangers that dangle above his hairy ass crack. The rest of his thick frame is hairless. Marcus is beating his thick cock in short strokes as Manny is laying back completely stroking himself off while listening to the dick talk. They all get up to keep jackin their cocks. They line up and lube up. They laugh as they experience how slick the lube makes their dicks. Now all lubed up they are jackin their cocks in earnest. (as opposed to Ernest—Sorry, Ernest!) Once they get the feel of it and accommodate their throbbing cocks; they go back to jackin their dicks and they focus on the flick to help get their nut. It's hot watching these str8 boys jack their dicks right next to each other without hesitation. The fact that these guys play together in their day to day lives really makes for a comfortable jack off session. Something tells us these guys have done this before. We're thinking they were part of “The Jack Off Squad” way before they graduated to the Gang bang one. It's now on and they are racing to the finish line. Their faces furl as they focus on being the first to bust a nut. Closest to the glass table, which is their intended target, Matéo unloads his thick cock all over the glass top. Four jets of cream splatter across as he taunts “I won! I won you guys are slow.” Seconds later Manny is ready to blow as he stands on his tippy toes and unloads all over the table. His thick nut splatters and as the camera shoots from underneath the table we see as their loads hit the glass, splat by splat. Marcus is third as he explodes his batch all over the mess his buds made. Angel's the last to go and he needs to reposition himself in order to bust his nut. He ditches his buds and gets comfortable on the couch. He pumps his cock fast and hard as he bites his lip. His sexy 5 O'clock shadow and furry legs and ass are on display for us while he does. His cock gets harder as his nuts pull tight. In no time our boy Angel is shooting his load all over the place. “Save the best for last”, he grins. With these 4 Cubanitos, there's definitely something for everyone. Unless you're that lucky girl they banged in which case there's a whole lot of everything ending up in one. Ahhh, the visual.

Starring Angel
  • released : 11-28-2008 |