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Angel 1's Video

Time Shared

Time Shared, Scene #01

Angel is equal parts Brazilian, Portuguese, Irish and Israeli, and so damn hot, we had to take the batteries out of the smoke alarm. His arms look like they are about to rip through his shirt, his teeth are so big and bright it looks like the “after” in a tooth whitening ad, and his smile will just make you melt. “I'm all about the butt,” Angel told us “Lick 'em, smack, toss 'em, throw 'em and fuck 'em” is what I like to do to a fine ass and what a coincidence, we are having the same thoughts about Angel's own ass, but only after we got to see what was making the healthy bulge on the front side. When most guys say they get so much sex, they do not need to jack off, we know that it usually wishful thinking. But with Angel, as fine, sexy, charming and gently masculine that he is, coming from him, we do not doubt it for a second. “I want to be so cut, it will hurt your eyes” he says as he flexes his is big arms. It was not our eyes that are hurting; just looking at him fully dressed has us blue balled and fortunately for all of us, he does not stay fully dressed for long.By the time we got the camera rolling, like an early holiday gift, Angel had already lifted his shirt and proudly displayed the marble smooth abs so etched to perfection and a stomach so flat, if it can not be in your bed, it deserves to be in a museum. Tugging off his shirt, the sheer expanse of his rounded pecs keep his wife beater up around his shoulder, flanked by inked arms and shoulders that are bookends of strength and virility. But it is those lower abs, so tight and hard, they keep your eyes firmly on the prize - just on the other side of those jeans as you watch his hand trail down the center of his chest where those magnificent planes of muscles meet with perfect symmetry. As his fingertips slide below the waist band, the zipper comes down, and those snowy white briefs explode with promise, you know it will not be long before Angel shows us where he came from…heaven. And this is one time that heaven can not wait – and neither can we.His six pack just as shredded even as he lays down, Angel grabs that bulge and slowly rubs the growing flesh underneath, until the thick, blunt, cut head pops out over the waistband like the tower of strength befitting a guy of this stature. Stepping out of his boxers and standing there, stroking that dark fat pole, Angel is like a buffet of everything that is sexy on a man; even another straight guy would get a boner checking out the view. After a few minutes of, well, pleading, Angel answers our prayers and climbs on the couch on all fours, pulls his cock between his legs, and offers up a brief glimpse of an ass wet dreams are made of. Turning over onto his back, his attention returns to where ours has been all the time; his cock. It is not just because his waist is so narrow that his dick looks so thick, that fucker is that fat. And what a mouth, or ass full it would make. His slow steady rhythm soon has a back beat of low, near primal moans as that cock explodes out a torrent of white jizz. At the end, that is not a smudge on the camera about a third of the way from the right of the screen, it is a bead of cum that flew right on the lens, because a man like Angel is good to the last drop indeed.

Starring Angel 1
  • released : 11-09-2007 |

Hide & Seek Times 3

Hide & Seek Times 3, Scene #01

We begin the New Year here at CircleJerkBoys.com with a bang…a gang bang, that is! While these hotties are not new to our cameras, having them all together, up, hard and ready, definitely is. We begin with Taz: that lean, inked, sexy devil with a bad-boy sneer and perpetually hard cock. Taz inspired a ton of emails from his solo debut, but that was nothing compared to the avalanche we received after pairing him up with Sean. Laying back and getting sucked was not such a surprise, and even fucking Sean's hole did not shock us; but, seeing a guy as straight as Taz give Sean a reach around and deep, tonsil-licking kisses sure was. The TinMan is something of a sexual adventurer. We have seen him alone, we have filmed him jacking with his bud, and the visuals of him with oh-so-sexy Dirty Harry will forever reign as some of the most memorable, sexually-charged footage we have ever captured. Taz and the TinMan together were like two sticks that needed a spark to ignite the flame, so we imported over sexy Angel from our brother site, ExtraBigDicks.com, to do the honors--- and what an honorable job he did!Within 30 seconds, everyone was shirtless, Taz was opening his zipper and Angel was reaching over to get a preview of the Tinman's growing bulge. As generous as before, Taz gives Angel a good grope as Angel gets a handful of the straight meat on the guys flanking him. Taz and TinMan are naked first, with Angel slowly licking Taz's very hard meat as TinMan pulls off Angel's shorts. Making sure he does not miss any of the fun, TinMan moves to the middle to lick Taz's balls. Even though we invited Angel to play the “center square,” it proves to be a perfect fit for the TinMan who takes that spot, swallowing Taz's meat like an expert as Angel sucks the TinMan down to his pubes. This daisy chain moves upright with Taz standing in the center, feeding his cock to the TinMan while Angel explores the uncharted territory of Taz's hole with his tongue. The look on Taz's face and the moans from those lips let us know immediately that this is the first time he had been rimmed--- it sure will not be his last. His cock is harder than we have ever seen it before and we know it won't be long before that throbbing meat does a little anal exploring of its own.With the hungry, wide-eyes of a frisky puppy in a dog food factory, Angel greedily sucks both guys at once before lying on his back and offering his pouty lips as drums to be beaten at the same time by the very stiff sticks of the boys in the band. Taz moves to squat over Angel's face as TinMan gets behind and start giving Angel the fucking he has been dying for. Before long, Taz takes the position of being the fucker as the TinMan watches the show while working a vibrator into his own hole. Taz takes his time making love to Angel with some slow deep strokes as TinMan, craving some attention, decides to sit Taz down and go for a ride, with Angel playing tour guide. This is a first in CJB history: Triple penetration. TinMan fucking Angel as he is getting fucked by Taz! Soon after, both hotties give Angel a massive facial, and Angel soon unleashes a huge load of his own. Talk about starting off 2007 with a bang!!!

Starring Angel 1, Taz
  • released : 12-29-2006 |