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Allen's Video

Backfield In Motion

Backfield In Motion, Scene #01

We know by know our stud Rex will plunge that thick 8” pole in anything with a hole but we learned that when rent is due, even a breeder boy will spread his cheeks and take all eight inches if the cash is right. Rex's first solo and Rex's solo encore were so popular we thrilled when he let Aiden suck that flashlight thick pole of his and floored when he join Damien in tag teaming Shane in ”Three On a Snatch.” He was here on spring break when we first sexy Allen and when he called said he needed to make some change and was up for anything, we had no idea how true that would be.The usual drill of a was of cash plainly visible next to the dvd showing some new porn and a case of Coroñas later, their clothes were off, their dick were hard and they were ready to go. Damn if Rex wasn't reading for hot wet mouth and while it was a little big for Allen to handle, he almost took it all when Rex reached over and gave his a buddy a little stroke. No room at the Inn doesn't apply to Rex as he grabbed the lube and ignored the look of terror of Allen's face as reached to feel the size condom covered cock about to rearrange his insides. Rex worked his meat inside that tight white ass a little at a time and once he got used to it, Allen wasn't just hard, he was dripping precum like a faucet. Flipping him over on his back and ramming his way home, Rex helped his buddy stroke off a load then fired off a massive round of jizz all over Allen's abs. Now that's what we call a “Memorial Day!” Sempher Fi, boys, Semper Fi!

Starring Rex, Allen
  • released : 07-16-2005 |

Fire In The Hole

Fire In The Hole, Scene #01

There's something about a red headed boy that exudes sexuality and even better when he's a straight 21 year old Californian overflowing with a very healthy case of spring break hormones! That describes Allen perfectly but there was one other thing overflowing...a very healthy, thick, cut club of a dick under a fire colored bush that made a mound in his pants that you couldn't miss from across the room. Close cropped hair, a square masculine jaw and pair of deep brown eyes with a penetrating gaze that will make you think of a different kind of penetration immediately. Especially when you see his tanned smooth chest with treasure trail leading to that perfect cock. He is so hard hanging his tighty whiteys off that big pole before unveiling that snake in all its glory. He lovingly caresses his dick and gives a look into the camera that says “I know you want it” with all of the confidence a stud like this has every right to have.He even bends over and gives us birdseye view of those snowy white cheeks and even allows a fly over on that tight hole. That bloated ball sack is swinging in the wind before he lays back, whacks that willie ritcheously and serves up a cool white load all over that sexy red bush.

Starring Allen
  • released : 05-21-2005 |