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Alexander Greene's Video

The Survey

The Survey, Scene #01

Alexander Greene enlisted the help Isaac Hardy for his 'Laws of Attraction' survey but the evidence of the attraction was in the air, not on paper. Twenty-two year old Alexander has piercing blue eye, a mischievous grin and a lean 5'10' frame packing a veiny, uncut nine-incher. One year younger, a couple of inches taller, dark haired Isaac's eight and one-half inch pole rounds today's slabs of beef. Isaac is making his debut here on CJB today, bringing his big cock with him and fans of the site already know of the legendary pole between Alexander's legs so with two cock this big, who is going to be the top? The answer is both in a flip fuck session that left them with sore asses, empty balls and even bigger smiles.Isaac was already rubbing his crotch as Alexander asked him what kind of guys he is most attracted to. What came out of Isaac's mouth could have been of description of Alexander himself and soon something went into Isaac's mouth, Alexander's tongue. They explored each others bodies as they kissed deeply, managing to pry their mouth apart long enough to get each others shirts off before Alexander stood up. As Isaac undid Alexander's shorts, he wasted no time dropping his knees and sucking on that cock which grew exponentially until Isaac could seemingly suck it from across the room. Isaac eagerly slobbered over every inch of Alexander's cock before Alexander pulled him up, fished out that throbbing pole and worked it like a size hungry dick-meister before pulling him out for a bonus make out session. After their big cocks staged a sword fight, Alexander took a seat on the couch and Isaac soon found something else to sit on.Isaac lowered himself like a crane onto the waiting tower of cock and with a steady pressure downwards, kept going until all nine inches was inside. Alexander reached under Isaac's cheeks to keep the up and down motion escalating until Isaac turned to the side, put on leg on the floor to brace himself for a second session of pounding, the creaking of the couch and moans from his mouth offering testimony of the deeper excavation taking place. Turn about being fair play, Alexander raised up one leg, looked back at Isaac and with a wink, took it right in the stink as Isaac pressed forward, grabbed onto Alexander's head for leverage and fucked away at eager hole as Alexander's cock grew again and his heavy balls swung back and forth until he grabbed Isaac for another kiss, then traded places with him. 'Do you like that dick' Alexander asked, those Isaac's now tight nut sack and drooling dong said yes even better than his lips, though the best reply of all were the ropes of cum that soon shot out of his cock and landed on that sexy, dark treasure trail. In a flash, Alexander pulled out, degloved and fired off his own load, the first blast hitting his shoulder and rest covering his belly. We learned something today When it cums to cases like this, can 'flipping out' be a good thing? Survey says...fucking yes!

  • released : 05-10-2013 |

The Price is Tight

The Price is Tight, Scene #01

We have a brand new face to add to the Circle and his name is Anthony Price. Anthony is a native Floridian and at 19 just starting out in the industry. We wanted to make sure we paired him up with someone who knew the ropes well and who better than Alexander Greene to make that happen. Alexander has become a fan favorite on a couple of our sites. We wondered what TV shows each of these studs felt was the best TV series ever. For Anthony he loves 'Law & Order'. He loves them all. Alexander agrees but he loves 'The Wire' on HBO & if he just wants to kick back and get a good laugh he loves to watch 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia'. We then asked when they jack off today what sexual encounter from the past still creeps into the repertoire. For Alexander it would be a hot 3 some he had with a girl and another guy. Anthony also has a hot 3-some memory that involved him with 2 girls. To wrap things up we asked them if they could have a fantasy hook up in a hot tub for New Years who would they want to be with. Anthony wants be with his current girlfriend. (YAWN!) while Alexander isn't telling us details other than he knows who he is and they may not end up in a hot tub; but that's how he wants to ring in the New Year. Anthony is pissed cuz he just got fucked by his phone company hitting him up with bogus charges he can't afford. Alexander reaches over and lifts up Anthony's tee exposing his abs. 'Yeah, I can definitely see why they'd wanna fuck you' Alexander grins throwing Anthony off his game. Alexander assures him that if he fucked him he wouldn't be this stressed out. Anthony isn't objecting as he reaches over and grabs hold of Alexander's thick cock now tenting his shorts. Alexander stands up and drops his shorts giving Anthony all access to his cock. Anthony's eyes open wide as he sees what's in store for him. He hauls out Alexander's schlong and starts to suck on it. Alexander moans as he watches his fat cock disappear into Anthony's mouth. Alexander grabs his head and helps bob him up and down on his thick cock as Anthony struggles to keep up. Anthony strokes that big dick from time to time giving his jaws a rest. He licks all along the uncut shaft and knob as he looks up at Alexander for his approval. Alexander then gets Anthony on the couch and returns the favor. Anthony lies back and closes his eyes in ecstasy as he gets his own cock serviced. They go back and forth sucking each other's hard cocks.Once Alexander's cock is rock hard and needing more, he bends Anthony over and shoves his oversized meat into that tight smooth ass of his. Anthony grimaces as takes that dick all the way to the hilt. 'Awww shit' he groans feeling like he's being punched in the gut from the inside as that huge cock has its way with him. Alexander's smooth balls slap away at his ass as Anthony's hole gets used to his cock stretching it wide open. Alexander then gets Anthony on the couch and drags that ass up to the edge of the armrest so that it's at the perfect height to pound. The sounds of the couch creaking back and forth fill the air as Anthony gets fucked deep. Alexander holds Anthony's legs as he drives that cock deep inside. Anthony is taking that dick like a champ as Alexander switches it up on last time. They lie on the couch together with Alexander lying behind Anthony. Alexander slips his throbbing cock back inside. Anthony lies back as Anthony fucks his tight ass. He rams his cock in deeper and harder as that hot ass just takes every thrust with ease. Once Alexander gets close to shooting he kneels between Anthony's legs as they both unload all over Anthony's smooth abs.

  • released : 12-09-2011 |

Little Ricky

Little Ricky, Scene #01

Alexander Greene is making his debut on CircleJerkBoys and he's not the only one here to show off all his mother gave him. Ricky Larkin is also making his CJB debut and if nothing else we can assure you we have plenty of cock to go round. Alexander is 27 years old and from New Jersey. Ricky is 24 years young and a local commodity. He was born and raised right here in sunny South Florida. We asked these two studs what makes them happy and gets them in a good mood. Ricky loves blow jobs; especially receiving them. Alexander just likes just kicking back and chillin' with friends lying out on South Beach. Next we asked how long they fantasized about experimenting with a guy before they acted on it. Alexander always had fantasies. He always knew it turned him on. For Ricky he ended up fooling around with a guy that led him to have jack off fantasies about guys. Ricky actually first experimented with guys when a girlfriend wanted to see him with another guy and actually set everything up-DAMN, Gurl! He played along and not only was he pleasantly surprised; but claims she unleashed the 'freak' in him. Well, we might just have to send that girl a toaster oven. Ricky is kickin' back and horny as fuck when Alexander walks in to find him covering up on the couch. He notices the 'vase' on the desk. He admits whenever he uses one of those things it makes him horny as hell. Ricky tells him he can relate as he shows Alexander what he's covering up. Alexander doesn't see that as a problem at all as he starts to grope Ricky's boner. They start to make out as Ricky undoes his shorts to give Alexander access to his throbbing cock. He kicks off his shorts as Alexander goes south to see what he can do to help a buddy out. He opens wide as he takes Ricky's throbbing cock in his mouth. Ricky groans as he gets that cock worked. Ricky's curiosity gets the best of him as he pulls Alexander off his cock and strips his shorts off to get an idea of what Alex is working with. He hauls out Alexander's 9' uncut cock as they stroke their cocks together. Ricky licks his way south along Alexander's smooth chest til his tongue reaches his intended target. He takes that cock as deep as he can as Alexander watches his head bobbing on his meat. Ricky then lies on the couch and orders Alexander to fuck his face. Alexander obliges making him repeatedly gag on his thick meat. Careful what you ask for, str8 boy. They take turns worshiping each other's thick cocks until Ricky needs more on his dick. He suits up and sits back as Alexander straddles him and slowly impales himself on that thick cock. Ricky's meat slides deep inside until it's completely buried. Alexander loves it as he starts to ride that cock. He leans back and lets Ricky take the lead as he shoves his cock up into his tight hole. Ricky loves getting that dick ridden and Alexander is doing one hell of a job. Ricky then pulls out and bends Alexander over to get more of that sweet ass doggy style. Alexander's hard cock swings in time to the pounding he's getting. Ricky can't get enough of that hot ass as he holds Alexander tight and rails that big dick of his into him. Alexander loves it and reaches around to grab that ass and pull him in even deeper. Missionary is next as Alexander gives it up on the couch. Ricky slides his thick cock back inside. 'Yeah, gimme that ass!' he grunts as he pounds away at that tight manhole. He starts to fuck him faster hitting Alexander's sweet spot as he begs him to fuck him right there. Alexander explodes as Ricky jack rabbits that dick deep inside him. Ricky is next as he shoots his own load all over Alexander's cum-drenched abs.

  • released : 08-19-2011 |
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