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Alex Pravda's Video

Foreign Relations

Foreign Relations, Scene #01

This week we have a tasty import from across the rather large pond. Already sporting a bronzed glow on his chiseled physique, Alex Pravda isn’t missing the weather back in Russia one bit. He’s been in Miami less than 6 months but is already taking advantage of everything the city has to offer. He runs regularly and works out 4 or 5 times a week and loves the local Latinas that seem to make him weak. A bit standoffish and reserved, Alex is soft spoken but we’re sure his sexy face, muscular body and that accent open many doors…and a few legs too. He was 16 when he lost his cherry and he laughs as he admits he was drunk. He’s honed his craft since then and he knows just how to drive a girl crazy. His favorite thing to do to a girl is to go down on her so that she gets really worked up before he dicks her. He’s had a few sexual romps since he arrived but hasn’t yet bagged a Latin girl. His ultimate fantasy would be to have 10 girls all to himself. We’re sure given the option; J-Lo would be on that guest list for sure. He’s definitely got it bad for the big asses and supple curves the Latinas have to offer. We’re sure he’ll be tappin’ some “culo” sooner than later. All this talk about pussy’s made our comrade horny and the least we could do is let him take care of that “situation”. Alex, sporting a tight muscle tee is busy painting the office. He’s focused on the task at hand but that will soon change when he discovers there’s porn in the DVD player. Hmmm. All this handy work has Alex needing a “hand” himself. He sits back and gropes his growing cock while he stares at the TV. His cock is going to need more than a yank inside his briefs and it’s growing by the second. He loses his sexy black briefs and starts working his growing uncut meat. It responds instantly filling out nicely as it gets the attention it deserves. Alex spreads his furry legs wide as his smooth nuts pull up near the base of his thick Russian rod. As he beats his meat, his muscles flex and watching him from above, we get a spectacular view of what he’s working with. His tone body is amazing and the light dances across his defined frame. Alex tenses up as his dick gets even thicker. His nuts pull up tight and without much ado he explodes sending blast after blast of hot cum spraying his smooth chest and abs. It slowly runs down his smooth skin pooling on his washboard stomach. Just what he needed—more primer. Get back 2 work! Never having had such a hot handyman, we invited Alex back and he was more than happy to oblige, sporting a sexy orange jock this time. It wasn’t on long as he stripped down and got in the shower. As he soaps up, we get a much better view of our comrade’s spectacular ass. Muscular and dimpled, we didn’t see much of it last time. He heads back to the locker room where he plays peek a boo hiding his cock from us ‘til he’s hard. Don’tcha just love modest men? Once he’s ready to go he drops the towel and goes to work on that beautiful, uncut dick. He squats on the bench, giving us another eyeful of that sweet ass, before lying down on the bench. He rests his head on a football and gets comfortable. His eyes are glued on the screen watching his flick while his thick dick is throbbing, aching for release. As the camera gives us an overhead shot we can once again appreciate Alex’s dedication to his chiseled frame. His cock is rock hard as he picks up the pace, biting his lower lip as he senses the inevitable. If his last scene serves as any indication of things to ‘cum’ (pun intended)—we’re in for some serious fireworks! He strokes harder and as he nears climax his smooth nuts pull up tight again, hugging the base of his cock. A soft guttural groan escapes his lips for the first time, seconds before his thick dick unloads. Like clockwork, his dick erupts; sending load, after load, after load…after load—all over his smooth abs and side. Over 9 jets of thick cum erupt from his aching cock. WTF!? We guess it’s true what they say: “The Milkman always cums twice!” Our condolences go out to the Lactose intolerant.

Starring Alex Pravda
  • released : 04-10-2009 |