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DeFlower Power

DeFlower Power, Scene #01

This week, we have a special treat for our members. Returning to give us some more “Sabor” (flavor) is 25 year-old Christian Castillo. Christian for those of you who have not yet had the pleasure, has graced our site several times with that thick, uncut Cuban cock of his. Christian's main diet consists of the female variety, but keeping his horny Cuban's cock satisfied has meant expanding his horizons to willing participants on both sides of the fence. He has a wife and a daughter back in his native Cuba and he visits them when he can. Alongside Christian we have another alumnus with us that was more than willing to help us out with today's adventure, Mr. Alex Foster. Alex is 19, originally from Florida, and also a “ladies man”. According to Alex, his ideal woman would be one with fair skin, green eyes and black hair. He pegs Greece as the country where he would most likely find his dream girl. Christian wouldn't have to go very far at all. He could find them here on South Beach or head to the Midwest for a bevy of them. See, Christian loves “blond girls with big tits and nice butts” Need we say more? Opposites really do attract. Today should be a special day for Mr. Castillo because this afternoon will be a first. Christian who usually tops will be on the receiving end for the very first time. Well, like they say in the old country: “ˇNo es facil!” (this ain't gonna be easy)There's little stopping these two horny straight boys from going to town. What is stopping them is being pulled off piece by piece. Alex peels off Christian's tee as he licks and sucks his hairy chest. He begins to grope his swelling meat as he pushes his jeans down towards his ankle. These two are clearly overdressed, so they handle that situation as Christian strips down and then helps Alex with his pants. Christian, already in position, goes to work as he starts sucking on Alex' cock, which is more than ready for attention. Alex sits back and watches, but it's short lived as Christian gets up and feeds him his dick. Alex starts to return the favor as his mouth is stretched around Christian's cock. They are in a frenzy, each one wanting their cocks worked, and sucking dick in order to get more on their own. These two then stand up and begin to compare cocks as they start sword fighting. They swing their hard cocks at each other like they've just discovered them. Alex then takes the lead and bends Christian over before running his tongue up inside Christian's virgin ass. Christian gasps at the new sensation, but loves it. He then returns the favor and eats out Alex' smooth ass he'd much rather be fucking…but that's not the way it's about to go down. Christian strokes his rock hard cock and grabs Alex' meaty ass with both hands. No sense in torturing himself, Christian goes back to kissing Alex for a bit before assuming the position. On all fours and bracing for impact, Christian begins to grunt the moment Alex' boner finds its target. “Oh Shit” he groans, as Alex begins to enter his virgin ass. Alex continues sliding his dick in him until he's all the way inside. Christian's ass is wrapped around his dick like a vice, and it only makes Alex want to fuck him harder. Christian may be in a bit of pain, but his Cuban dick is rock hard the entire time. Alex picks up the pace and starts to fuck him as he takes that sweet ass doggy style and makes it his very own. Watching Christian as he gets that hot ass broken is in hot as hell as he winces with every thrust he's given. Alex is one lucky boy. As he's getting pounded, Christian looks up and says “yeah, that shit hurts” seconds before telling us he needs a break. From there, they go back to oral, with Alex on his knees sucking on Christian's meat. Then they take it to a hot 69 before sitting side by side to bust their loads all over themselves. When asked if he'd ever do that (bottom) again, Christian, without an ounce of hesitation, replies a resounding NO! (even though that was the biggest nut he's ever shot for us.) lol

  • released : 10-23-2009 |