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Aiden Lane's Video

Cum Down The Lane

Cum Down The Lane, Scene #01

Today we have two brand new boys with us. We're sure the folks at home will be mighty pleased. The first is 23 year old Scott Adler who is from the Big Apple. A Manhattan boy up to no good in South Beach?—Who knew. Sometimes you just gotta leave the city. The second one on his very first shoot is Will Spur. Will is from Texas. He loves where he's from. He admits he'd miss his Green Chile Chicken Enchiladas if he were to ever move away from his home state. Scott grins when he admits his favorite comfort food is actually Fried Chicken. 'I'm not from the South, but I do love Fried Chicken'. Apparently Fried Chicken is a Manhattan delicacy. They are both horny studs. They admit they both love getting off. We asked them if they could have anyone they wanted there watching as they got themselves off whom would that be? Scott admits his might be a tad generic but he'd have to go with Brad Pitt. Will is a lot easier to please. He said he'd be open to having anyone present willing to watch him jack off. Well, we have a feeling there will be plenty of men that will soon fall under that category as he prepares to give Scott a lot more than just a piece of his mind. We're sure Mr. Adler won't mind one bit.They start with a game of show and tell as Scott lifts up his shirt and shows off his abs to Will. Will is willing to play along as he quickly goes in for a better look. 'This is all new to me' he confesses as Scott takes the lead. They start kissing as Will undoes his jeans. Scott goes to his knees and finishes what Will started, working on the grown bulge in Will's briefs. Then Scott stands up as Will returns the favor and helps him out of his jeans. Will is rock hard by now. Scott can't wait to wrap his crimson lips around that Texan pole. Will is in awe as he watches Scott work his meat. 'Who taught you this?' he teases as Scott continues to work that cock. Will teases Scott as he pulls his cock away and playfully slaps his face and tongue. Will then sits back and orders Scott to get his mouth back on his cock. Scott doesn't miss a beat as he gets right back to work on that thick cock. Will's cock is throbbing as Scott takes as much of it as he can down his throat. Will's smooth balls dangle below as Scott continues to worship that meat that has him completely mesmerized.Scott can't get enough of that meat. His mouth is readily available. Scott then kneels on the couch, offering that sweet ass up to our newbie. Will roughly slides in his finger testing out that tight ass. He doesn't have much experience fucking a guy in the ass, but one lubed finger in that ass and he knows that tight grip would feel much better around his dick. 'Why don't you come sit over here' Will grimaces as he strokes his fat cock. Scott quickly climbs aboard as he sits down on that meat. He rides our Texan in a reverse cowgirl as Will holds him by the waist, helping bounce him on his bone. 'You like that tight ass?' Scott teases as he rides that dick harder. Will then bends our Manhattan stud over and starts tapping that ass doggy style. He gets that throbbing cock in ball deep as he pounds away at that smooth ass. Scott is loving the dick he's getting as he moans his approval. For a first timer in the ass department, we can definitely give Will high marks in the breaking new ground area. He's fucking Scott's ass just like he has pounded girls before—on their backs and balls deep. He slams that dick in harder and faster in missionary. Scott won't be able to hold back much longer. Sure enough Will fucks the cum right out of the New Yorker before shooting his own load all over Scott's milk-coated frame.

  • released : 04-09-2010 |

The Bald & The Beautiful

The Bald & The Beautiful, Scene #01

This week, we bring you “Aiden and Abedding” which means we've got sexy Aiden Lane back in the studio. After a five year hiatus, Aiden made a comeback this year, helping make January a lot warmer with one very appreciative Krist Cumming. Aiden is boyish and sexy with a cock that doesn't stop. Today Aiden will be “a-bedding” one hot recent discovery who has allowed us to help him push his sexual horizons. Originally started off with a just a solo for the gay boys, Phillip Heritage has come a long way. Phillip, our inked bad boy, admits that after spending time with us here at CircleJerkBoys he is still str8 but can't deny that a big dick up my ass does feel pretty fucking good. Well someone's getting a toaster oven! We flipped another one. It's hard to forget Phillip losing his cherry on cam with Tucker who buried his thick dick deep until Phillips grunts of pain turned into groans of pleasure. Today Phillip is back ready and more than willing to take one for the team. Who better than sexy Aiden to give that sweet ass a proper stretching? We couldn't think of a hotter stud to help us out. Aiden has grown since he's been in the business and has learned a lot. He's discovered it's made him an open book. He now goes with the flow and takes it day to day. This day, however, will be a special one for one Mr. Heritage. Shall we?After talking some smack on the couch they get to getting' as Aiden peels off Phillip and Aiden lose their shirts. Phillip's tongue starts to explore as these two begin wresting with each other to strip each other's clothes off. Soon Aiden is standing with his meaty cock sticking thru the fly in his boxers as Phillip starts to get a sample of it. He licks and sucks at it before going all the way down on it. Aiden loses the boxers and lets Phillip have all the dick he can take. Phillip kneels between his legs as he sucks and swallows Aiden's meat. Aiden then flips him back on to the couch as he strips off his boxers. “Oh it's my turn?” Phillip teases as Aiden goes to work on his growing meat. Aiden starts sucking his cock. Before long, they both end up on the floor in a hot 69 as Aiden takes top bunk and has Phillip on his back nursing on his own meat. Aiden then stands to give Phillip more cock. Phillip kneels and swallows his thick dick all the way down. Aiden tells Phillip just how good his mouth feels on his cock, and that his dick wants to get in his hot smooth hole. All this talk is fueling Phillip who with big puppy eyes looks up at Aiden and begs “I want you to fuck me!”Once Aiden has had enough of Phillip's mouth, he gets Phillip on his back and has a go at Phillip's meat as he services and even gags on his thick cock. He then gets into position between Phillips thighs as he starts rubbing their cock together. His meat is closer to it's intended target. Aiden jacks their dicks together in his fist. It's only making Phillip hornier. “I want this cock” he begs. Aiden lifts Phillip's legs high and aims his thick meat at that pink ass. He starts to bury his thick cock slowly as Phillip grimaces in a mixture of pain and pleasure. Soon Aiden's cock is buried deep as Phillip struggles to take it. “My girlfriend screams my name when I fuck her', Aiden grunts 'Say my name!” Phillip obliges as he screams out “A mother fuckin AIDEN” Damn this is hotter than expected. Aiden then starts to coach Phillip to relax so he can take his dick all the way down to the base. “That's what I'm talking about Bitch” Aiden groans. “Don't worry; I'll do the same for you”. Aiden then gives his sweet ass up for Phillip who is more than happy to fuck Aiden til he makes him cum. Aiden watches Phillip pounds away at his ass and it sends him over the edge. Phillip fucks him harder making him shoot all over his chest and abs. Whew. Phillip then pulls out and shoots his own load, all over one cum-coated Aiden.

  • released : 02-26-2010 |

Ho, Ho, Hoe

Ho, Ho, Hoe, Scene #01

It was in the summer when an 18 year old straight guy named Aiden first walked through our doors and it was the Holiday gift you has always wanted, teen idol handsome, a strong lean body, a personality just draws you in and an 8”, extra thick, always hard cock with a never ending supply of precum dripping from that perfect helmet head. It seemed like the perfect time to repay the favor and give Aiden the gift of his choice. To our shock, and definitely your delight, his choice turned out to be a private encounter with Apollo. Apollo is another breeder, this one with the body of a Greek statue, the hormones of entire football. We raided the treasury and stocked the bar and hoped for the best. What we got was not just Aiden's fantasy, but a very special triple load of hetero spunk for this very special CircleJerkBoys' Holiday Jack-Strava-Ganza!While it might started out and good way to make some extra cash, it wasn't long before Apollo was definitely in the spirit of the season of giving as he was giving that long wet tongue of his deep into Aiden's mouth. Apparently years of opening bras with one hand had Apollo in good practice as was able to single handedly undo Aiden's belt, reach inside those tight white briefs and haul out Aiden's fat 8” cock, already poking well above his navel and drooling juice down that tight belly. Before long, without breaking a lip lock as tight as we have ever seen, Apollo rolls over onto op Aiden, that magnificent ass and bull balls looking so perfect, so delectable; they are begging for your tongue as he and Aiden grind their cocks together with such friction, we're surprised they didn't start a fire.There was a gasp in the room as we saw Aiden's knees start to cradle around Apollo's hips and Apollo licked straight down from Aiden's neck, across his nips, over his abs, down to his balls then to the tip of his cock before swallow that big bloated beauty as Aiden's eye rolled back in his head. Apollo then stood up and straddled Aiden's face and got his pole smoked right down to the base of those short and curlies. Guess what folks, we're just getting started, as you will see inside, the name CircleJerkBoys' Holiday Jack-Strava-Ganza if far from simply an honorary title. From all of us at CircleJerkBoys.com, have a wonderful, safe, sexy and a Happy Holiday!

Starring Aiden Lane, Apollo
  • released : 01-21-2006 |

Aiden & A Bettin'

Aiden & A Bettin', Scene #01

Aiden's cock, all throbbing 8”, ridiculously thick, perennially dripping is a two handful joystick that wet dreams are made of and best of all, we're just getting started with the merits of this all time knock out. As incredible as that mouthwatering spear of man meat is, the 22 year old with the rock star face, twinkling eyes, surfer boy body and easy, warm smile makes him perfect from head to toe. In the year plus when since Aiden's first visit, his is just as lean, just as chiseled and not only has he gained some new ink too. We saw him take his first tentative lick of a cock when we paired him with Rex and while he wasn't converted to the pole slurping fan club, we did manage to lure him back to join Damien and Shane for the infamous Valentine Three-Way then he sadly announced his retirement though his fan mail continued to pour in. We were thrilled to when he said he felt like making a “cum back” and he said he had a surprise for us which we thought was that new, thin patch of chest hair. Before the pants are open, the shoes are taken off or even the belt is unbuckled we can see Aiden hard piece with a grab thru his jeans and without hesitation, his one eyed wonder is popped out thru his boxers as fat and hungry as ever. In fact, the only part of his body that did not grace our lens in record time was the one part he had never shown, he was always a guy with “look but don't even think about touching” as the motto for his backside and it seems a crime that such a perfect set of vanilla delight was never touched. With a knowing smile and a commanding stance, two fingers...count them...2 fingers, went from his mouth to his and we soon buried deep in the “no man's land” of his ass. We're not sure if he's ready for more, but stay tuned...any guy who says good bye with cum dripping from spit soaked hand is one we're about wave off to easily!

Starring Aiden Lane
  • released : 12-10-2005 |