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AJ Banks's Video

AJ Banks It In

AJ Banks It In, Scene #01

AJ Banks is back this week and he's here to help us welcome Junior Verde. Junior Verde is 20 years young and he is originally from Akron. For those of you unfamiliar with AJ, AJ is from Daytona Beach and finally 21. He can finally drink (legally anyway). lol We asked these two studs what they like to wear when they want to dress to impress. AJ likes to wear his Ralph Lauren suit when he wants to impress a girl. Junior would just throw on some skinny jeans and a tight shirt. WORK! We then wondered if they had to name their penis, what that name would be. “It already has a name', giggles AJ, 'it's funny but his name is Junior.” Ouch. Junior blushes and since his pecker has no name decides on “Jim”. We then asked them to tell us about their first blow jobs. AJ was 16 when he got his first blow job from his manager at Wendy's who was gay. His manager drove him home after work and ended up blowing him in AJ's driveway. We guess someone was up late so he could eat great. Mmhmm. For Junior, giving head was more memorable when he first experimented with his best friend. You know what they say, it is always better to give than to receive. Ever wonder who came up with that $@?!#?? AJ and Junior are ready to go to the beach so AJ asks Junior to put some sun tan lotion on his back before they go. Junior lathers lotion all over his back and when he's done AJ asks him to do his front as well. As Junior rubs AJ's chest and abs AJ leans in for a kiss as they start to make out. Beach! What beach? Their shorts drop as they start to play with their hard cocks. AJ pulls Junior's cock out and goes down on him. He bobs his head up and down on that meat so deep he gags. Junior just lies back and watches as he gets his dick sucked. “You like suckin' that cock?” Junior groans as AJ moans his answer with a mouthful of cock. AJ gets off Junior's cock for some attention on his own. The lotion trick wasn't meant to get Junior off. —HELLO! lol Junior takes to AJ's throbbing cock like a starving calf and AJ ain't complaining. AJ slowly fucks Junior's face wanting to get as much of his dick inside his wet mouth. “Play with my balls” AJ moans as Junior tugs on his hairy nut sack. AJ then gets on his knees between Junior's legs to get some more of that cock. He slobbers all over that dick for a bit before moving up to make out some more. The next thing we see is AJ's cock as it breaches Junior's hairy hole. Once inside AJ starts to fuck that hole deep. “You like that?' AJ grunts as he slaps Junior's ass, 'I love that tight little ass.” Junior takes it like a champ as AJ pounds his ass doggy style. Junior can't get enough of AJ's meat as he bucks his hot ass back for more. AJ then gets Junior to flip over onto his back to get some more missionary. He spreads Junior's hairy legs apart and rams his dick back in. Junior is writhing in ecstasy as he gets that hole stretched. AJ looks south as he watches his cock sliding in and out of Junior's tight ass. “Aww, you like that dick?” AJ grunts as he keeps fucking the Ohio out of Junior. AJ's hot ass just slams away against Junior's as he keeps burying that cock deep. AJ then sits back on the couch as Junior straddles him in a reverse cowgirl position. Once he gets back on, he starts to ride it. AJ tells him to take that dick as he holds Junior's by the waist and helps bounce him on his meat. Junior grinds his hot hole down onto AJ's shaft and it's hitting him in all the right places. “Fuck, I'm cumming!” Junior moans as he jacks out his loaf all over his furry happy trail. AJ is next as he too unloads jacking himself off all over his well oiled abs. NOW they're ready for the beach, Biatch!

  • released : 05-20-2011 |

BANKing Deposit

BANKing Deposit, Scene #01

AJ Banks is back in the neighborhood and we are always happy to see the hot 20 year old from Daytona Beach. That evil grin speaks volumes and this week AJ helps us welcome a new face to the circle, Jersey's own, Jarred King. Jarred is 24 years old and new to the scene. We asked these studs if they had any favorite teachers they remembered from high school. They both went with hot teachers as the ones that stuck in their minds. We then wondered now as young adults if there was a class they wish they'd paid better attention in. Math for AJ and Jarred wishes he'd paid better attention in financial management classes. We then turned toward more “personal” matters and wondered what part of their bodies is hard wired to their dicks. AJ laughs cuz he has nothing that triggers a boner other than just seeing a naked girl. Who needs alcohol when you have AJ at the bar? lol This one's for the fat girls, Bitches! Well, AJ has admitted to liking his women meaty. For Jarred licking the bottom of his ear and hot breath on his neck will do it. Well, maybe we can get down and dirty and find AJ's sweet spot. Shall we…There two get right to business as Jarred moves in for a kiss. His hands are all over AJ's growing cock as they start to explore each other. Jarred takes off his tee as AJ licks and sucks down his pecs and abs. Curiosity gets the better of Jarred who quickly strips AJ's pants off to speed things up. He drops his own pants as well as AJ kneels to get at his cock. AJ moans as he gets his mouth stuffed full of meat gagging on it as he tries to take it all down his throat. “Yeah take that dick… just like that” encourages Jarred as he watches AJ go. Jarred's thick dick is throbbing as he gets that cock worshipped. AJ then stands and pulls his out so that Jarred can return the favor. Jarred gets on his knees and wraps his lips around AJ's meat as he fucks his face with it. He swirls his tongue around that throbbing cock as AJ moans. Jarred works his hot mouth on AJ's knob and strokes his own rock hard cock while he does. From there they move over to the couch and get into a hot 69 as AJ climbs on board, sinking his dick back into Jarred's mouth as he nurses on more of that Jersey meat.AJ then sits back as Jarred has a seat—on his cock. Once Jarred gets that hot ass all the way down on his pole AJ starts to buck up into him as Jarred matches every thrust. AJ quickly switches positions as he gets Jarred on his back. He lifts those long legs up in the air and slides that str8 dick back inside. “You like that big cock!?” he grunts as he pounds away at that hot hole. AJ's balls slap away at that ass as he grunts and groans. Jarred is taking that dick like a pro as AJ drives it in deeper and deeper. AJ then moves the party south as he gets Jarred on all four. He slides that dick back inside that hungry ass as he starts to pound away doggy style. AJ watches as his dick slides in and out with ease. Jarred can't get enough as he gets that tight ass stretched. AJ picks up the pace fucking him faster and it sends him over the edge. “Aw, I'm gonna cum!” he grunts as he pulls out as Jarred flips over to get it shot all over him. Jarred is right behind him as he too unloads all over himself.

Starring AJ Banks
  • released : 01-28-2011 |

New Year's Ball

New Year's Ball, Scene #01

Today, we welcome AJ Banks to CircleJerkBoys. After the impression he made last week on MenOver30, we're sure he'll be well received. AJ is 20 years old and from Daytona Beach, FL. Helping AJ feel at home is Denver's own Micah Andrews who is back in the area enjoying the “harsh” winters here in the tropics. It's been a while since we've seen this 22 year old hottie. This season we wondered what they secretly wanted for Christmas. Micah wants a 12” penis; but we're not sure if that's 'ON' him —or IN him! Apply as needed… AJ doesn't really like Christmas since he lives on his own and doesn't really have anyone to spend it with. Awwww. So we went in another direction. We asked if they were planning “special” holiday dates and decided to cook a romantic dinner; what dish they would cook for their significant other? Green Bean Casserole for AJ with French rolls. Micah would make Filet Mignon with some wine. Put these two culinary giants together and we might have something. To wrap things up, we wondered who they would want to wake up to find on Christmas morning. AJ would love any hot girl and he wouldn't mind if she was a bit chubby. He loves a girl with some meat on her. Micah wants a hot guy that's 6' tall and packin a 9” cock, maybe Latin. Not that he gave any thought to that… lolWearing his Santa hat and a frown, AJ sulks as he tries to find something better to do. The party he's at blows. Micah comes in asking what's wrong and has no trouble remedying his boredom. He licks AJ's neck rendering him defenseless. AJ holds still as Micah strips him down to his briefs which by now are sporting a major boner. “You want me to suck your cock?” teases Micah before taking his throbbing meat. AJ moans softly as he watches Micah savor every delicious inch he has. Micah orders AJ to his feet so he can really go to work on that cock. AJ is a quick study and soon has his balls slapping away at Micah's chin as he fucks that face. “Like my cock?” AJ teases as he watches Micah worship his tool. “Now this is a fuckin' party!” he snickers as he shoves his thick dick down Micah's skilled throat. As he gets that cock milked, the cam pans around behind him giving us a great view of that str8 boy ass of his. AJ then gets down to business and gives back. He sucks on Micah's meat getting him hard. “Now get that dick out of your mouth and fuck me!” orders Micah. Well…you heard the man—FUCK HIM!Micah bends over and shows off his smooth ass. AJ gets a look at all that awaits him. He slaps that ass a bit as he spreads those smooth cheeks. Micah's ass is ready as AJ slides in. He slams deep inside and has no problem fucking him hard. Micah loves that thick cock in him and begs him for more as AJ gives it to him harder. AJ watches as his rock hard cock disappears inside that tight ass he's using. AJ then switches it up and sits back while Micah sits on his dick. Micah starts to bounce on that cock driving AJ crazy. He holds Micah by the waist as he slams that dick up into that hungry hole. “Oh your cock feels so big” groans Micah as he grinds that hot ass as far down as he can. He wants every inch of AJ inside him. AJ's eyes are rolling as Micah does his thing. AJ then gets up and gets Micah where he wants him—on his back. He slides back inside and starts fucking that ass hard like he would his girlfriend. He holds Micah's legs up as he slams harder and harder into him. That does the trick. Micah explodes all over himself as AJ literally fucks the cum out of him. AJ isn't far behind as he pulls out and sprays his thick load all over Micah's cum and sweat-drenched frame. ..Now THAT'S a party, Fuckers!Happy New Years from all of us at CircleJerkBoys.com

  • released : 12-31-2010 |
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