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Have Mercy

Have Mercy, Scene #01

This week we're gonna have you down on your knees, begging please, begging us for 'Mercy', Evan Mercy that is. At 21 Evan makes his debut with us this week and he's a long way from home in Lexington, KY. We know you're gonna love some Mercy as much as we do. Helping us welcome Evan to the circle is another 21 year old from up the coast in Daytona Beach, Mr. AJ Banks. We asked these two whom they would love to get a text message from saying that they think they're hot. AJ would love to hear that from Megan Fox-who wouldn't? Evan wouldn't mind getting that text from sexy Keri Hilson. We then asked these studs when they actually lost their virginities. Evan was 14 while out with an older brother at a party. It was his first time drinking and he met a girl there and he blushes when he admits it was a mess and only lasted a few strokes. AJ lost his at the age of 13 with a younger girl...that is now a stripper. We're guessing there's a lesson in there somewhere. A year ago neither of these boys would've imagined actually enjoying sex with another guy; but things change. So we thought we'd asked them what they've learned about themselves when it comes to having sex with guys. 'I know dick in the booty feels good!' beams AJ; while Evan admits he's never met a girl that can suck dick better than a guy. Sounds like we're off to a great start, huh? (evil grin)

Evan is sitting on the couch looking through porn DVDs when he comes across an all male one. AJ walks in just as Evan realizes its AJ on the back cover with a dick in his mouth. AJ blushes and says it's not that bad. 'I think you'd like it, honestly.' Evan's on the fence about it but his cock is saying something else. AJ reaches over and coaxes Evan into trying it. Evan concedes and pulls down his pants as AJ goes for it. He takes Evan's cock out and goes down on it as Evan gasps at the new sensation. AJ swallows every inch of that hard cock and soon Evan's protests are all moans for more. AJ gets on his knees and just goes to town on Evan's sweet country meat. Evan gets up to give AJ better access as AJ continues to swallow his meat. Evan is naturally smooth and he keeps his pecs and abs defined. AJ has Evan so horny he decides to return the favor as he kneels and takes AJ's hard cock into his mouth. AJ groans as Evan strokes his cock and works his knob with his mouth. Evan doesn't seem to mind a dick in his mouth either. Wonder what else he won't mind trying now that he's had AJ's hot mouth on his meat?

Evan sits back as AJ straddles him and sits on his hard cock. AJ loves that dick up his ass and starts to ride that dick like a seasoned jockey. 'Your ass feels so good' groans Evan as he gets that cock worked. Evan slams his meat up into AJ's hungry hole as AJ begs for more. 'You like that?' AJ moans and orders Evan to slap that ass of his as Evan bends him over and starts fucking him doggy style. Evan slaps that hot ass of his as he continues to ram that hard dick deeper and deeper. AJ is cock crazed as he orders Evan to fuck him and slap that ass harder. Evan slides that dick deep and moves it around hitting AJ's sweet spot before going back to railing that ass fast and deep. Evan's smooth balls slap away at AJ's hairy hole as they get closer to climax. Evan then pulls out and gets AJ on his back so he can take that ass missionary. AJ strokes his dick as Evan slams inside for more. AJ is rock hard as Evan's cock slams against his prostate making AJ shoot his nut all over the place. Evan then pulls his hard cock out and blasts his thick nut all over AJ's cum covered cock before bending over and kissing AJ. Awww, it looks like someone's getting a toaster oven after all.

Starring AJ Banks
  • released : 03-16-2012 |

The Nicks Game

The Nicks Game, Scene #01

AJ Banks is back this week and he's here to help us welcome Devin Adams to the circle. AJ is 21 and from Daytona Beach, FL and who better to show this sexy 23 year old from Baltimore, MD how it's done here in the Sunshine State? Both of these boys are rather easy on the eyes and we figured we'd ask what the most recent complement someone had paid them was. For AJ, it would be a complement on the Coney Island High Detention shirt he's wearing. Devin has a more interesting answer, 'It was you, Harlan, you said I have big balls' Well who doesn't love big balls? Speaking of balls we then asked how these guys like to keep their bush. Both prefer to keep their own trimmed and prefer their partners trim as well. AJ has a follow up since he bats for both teams. He likes his men trimmed but loves his girls shaved clean. AJ is a bit more experienced than his costar today so we asked Devin about his first time with a guy. Devin's first was at the tender age of 18 when he was a lifeguard on the beach. We asked him if it was everything he'd hoped for. 'Yeah...it was' he beams as his face literally lights up, 'and more!' Awww.Devin is workin' on his homework when AJ walks in and asks him for a Band-Aid. When Devin asks him what for AJ blushes a bit before admitting he sorta cut himself trimming. Devin isn't following his lead so AJ pulls down his shorts and shows Devin exactly where he cut himself while trimming his pubes. Devin sees the small nick at the base of AJ's cock and tells him he doesn't have a Band-Aid but he could kiss it to make it better. We LOVE this guy! AJ grins as Devin goes in for a kiss and makes it a French one as he starts to suck on AJ's growing cock. AJ moans as he gets that dick sucked on, holding Devin's head as he slowly fucks that handsome face. Devin takes his time on that meat until his own dick is screaming for attention. He hops up on a chair and hauls out his own dick for AJ to savor. AJ spits on that dick and goes to town on it as he shoves that dick so far down his throat it makes him gag. 'Yeah, you like that big dick?' Devin coos as AJ worships his meat and smooth nuts. They take turns sucking on each others cocks until Devin gets horny for more than that dick in his mouth.AJ suits up and sits back as Devin straddles his dick and starts to ride it. He takes that cock to the hilt and goes for it, grinding that hot ass of his all the way down on it. AJ moans as Devin fucks himself silly; until he starts to get that tingle and tells him to take it slow. Devin's own thick dick is springing up and down as Devin rides AJ. AJ then wants to take control and gets up and bends Devin over the same chair. 'Fuck my ass, yeah' Devin begs with that sexy voice of his as AJ delivers. He fucks that sweet ass doggy style as Devin just begs for more. AJ's balls slap away at Devin's ass as he continues his assault. The sexual chemistry is off the charts as these two go at it. Devin then gets on his back so he can watch as AJ pounds his ass harder and deeper. That cock slams into his prostate until Devin can't hold off any more. He starts to nut as AJ pounds him harder. He coats his smooth chest and abs as AJ pulls out and goes for his. AJ jacks his throbbing cock until he shoots a huge load all over Devin drenching everything from his shoulder all the way down to his cum-coated cock. Anyone else need a Band-Aid? lol

Starring AJ Banks
  • released : 02-10-2012 |

Onward Tristan Soldiers

Onward Tristan Soldiers, Scene #01

Plenty of sunshine this week as we welcome back Daytona Beach's favorite 21 year old son, AJ Banks. AJ isn't the only Florida boy today as Tristan Sterling makes his debut. Tristan, also from the Sunshine State is 21 and from Orlando. We decided to ask these two about some of their favorites. Favorite color for AJ is neon green while Tristan loves blue. Blueberry ice cream makes AJ come running while chocolate is Tristan's weakness. When it comes to TV shows, It's 'GLEE' for Tristan and 'How I Met Your Mother' for AJ. When it comes to pizza toppings, sausage is AJ's favorite; while Tristan prefers a fungi. (Well, who doesn't?) They both love reality TV and AJ would want to be in a series of the 'Real World'. Tristan would want a part in his favorite show 'GLEE'. We then turned the topic to the nitty-gritty and asked what the naughtiest things they've done at home. AJ blushes and admits he's tried some water sports. Tristan confesses to having a bit of a leather fetish that he's slowly cultivating. We then wrapped it up by asking them their favorite way to cum. AJ loves cumming on someone while Tristan prefers to cum while on his back. Feel free to visualize amongst yourselves.Tristan is hungry and found some old marshmallow peeps from Halloween. AJ walks in and asks him why he's eating those? 'I'm just really hungry and I need something in my mouth' Tristan whines as AJ decides to save the day. 'I got something for your mouth' he grins as he stands and gropes his dick. Tristan's onboard instantly as he drops to his knees in front of AJ and gets to work. AJ moans as he gets his hard cock serviced. AJ holds Tristan's head as he bobs him up and down on it wanting to get it in as deep as possible. Tristan's not about to complain as he shoves that hard cock even deeper, wanting all of it down his throat. AJ then gets Tristan on his back; straddles his chest and starts to fuck his mouth. Tristan just looks up at AJ as he gets his face fucked. AJ then returns the favor as he takes out Tristan's cock and opens wide. AJ shoves it so deep he makes himself gag on it as he tries over and over to deep throat that meat. Then they take the party south and get into a hot 69 on the floor so that they could get as much of each others cocks as they want. Tristan then straddles AJ's cock and teases him a bit as they make out. When Tristan is ready, he arches his back; aims that dick home and sits on it. AJ moans as he gets that throbbing cock buried all the way in. Once he gets used to that dick inside him Tristan starts to ride that dick with ease. 'Aww I love riding that big cock!' Tristan groans as he bounces on it. AJ then stands Tristan up and bends him over so that he can tap that ass doggy style. Tristan just begs for more as AJ slaps that ass and fucks him even harder. Tristan moans and begs for it wanting to get that dick as deep as he can. He bucks back onto it making sure he gives it up completely as AJ's smooth balls slap away at that hairy ass. AJ grabs Tristan's shoulders, giving him the leverage he needs to shove it in even harder. Missionary is next as AJ gets Tristan on his back; lifts up his legs and gets to work pumping that ass with his hard cock. Tristan starts jacking his cock off faster and begs AJ to make him cum. AJ slams it in harder wanting to get him off on his back the way he likes it. Tristan blows all over himself and once he does AJ pulls out and empties his thick batch all over Tristan's cum-covered cock and abs. Careful what you wish for...you might just get it.

  • released : 12-02-2011 |

Taking it to the Banks

Taking it to the Banks, Scene #01

CircleJerkBoys has a native overload this week as we welcome two fine Floridians. AJ Banks is back and we're always happy to have this 21 year old Daytona Beach boy with us. AJ is in for a treat as we pair him up with none other than hung hottie Ricky Larkin. Ricky is 24 and from right here in South Florida. To start off our interview, we asked these two what they would do if they suddenly had $500 to spend at the mall. Ricky would buy new shoes, a new watch and then put the rest towards bills. AJ would spend his on new clothes and shoes and probably something to eat. Eat is good. We then asked them who they would love to see in concert. Ricky would love to watch Drake who he didn't like initially but has been warming up to him. AJ would want to see A Tribe called Quest. Ricky's first time with a guy was in front of his ex who got him into it. She knew what she was doing when she coaxed him into giving guys a shot and we are all grateful. AJ was also surprised at how good it felt and how quickly a dick in his hot little ass took him to orgasm. Well, with that in mind let's get this party started…These two start before we do as they get right to making out. “So you think you're gonna be able to suck that thing?” coos Ricky as AJ gropes his boner through his shorts. Ricky stands to give AJ all the access he needs. AJ is in awe of how big and think it is while Ricky just wants to see what AJ can do with it. AJ gets right to it as he shoves that thick cock in his mouth. Ricky grabs his head and helps him get it even deeper into his throat making AJ gag on it. AJ gets on his knees to worship that dick as Ricky gets to work fucking that face of his. Ricky is rock hard as he watches AJ eat his meat. He then pulls AJ up as they start to rub their dicks together. AJ then sits back and lets Ricky give his dick some TLC. Ricky get down to business sucking on AJ's dick as AJ buries his cock deep into his throat making him gag on his meat as well. These gag prone hotties can't get enough of each other's throbbing cocks and soon a wet mouth won't do.AJ is ready for more as he kneels on the couch and arches his back sending that perky ass up in the air. Ricky can't ignore that hot ass and gropes it a bit before suiting up and sitting back. That's all the permission AJ needs as he straddles that thick 9” cock and impales himself on it. Ricky groans as AJ starts to ride his meaty shaft. He holds AJ by the waist as he helps bounce him up and down. From there Ricky bends his new friend over and slides his fat dick inside doggy style. “Tell me you like that!” he grunts as AJ readily obliges. He picks up the pace as he makes that tight ass a lot looser as he slams that fat dick all the way in. He grabs AJ by a fistful of hair as he continues to mount his hot ass. They move back to the couch where AJ gets fucked on his side. AJ can't help but stroke his throbbing cock as Ricky slams inside that ass. Ricky's cock hits that sweet spot and AJ won't be able to take much more without busting a nut. Ricky isn't far behind as he pulls out and busts a thick nut all over his happy trail. AJ cums in second, busting his own nut all over his smooth abs.

Starring AJ Banks
  • released : 09-23-2011 |
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